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When we be when i'm dying here in mobile alabama and we we being arbor when we'd be alabama than parents you know what they called you power back in mobile alabama i have no idea because you better they call me a yellow belly and mobile them yeah yeah when when we're arm was being alabama all the time and you talked about mike shula don him about alabama they called you yellow better today paul who alabama fans hated me yeah they headed your d they headed to get they hated my guts yeah i can remember article that you wrote you will tell them about when we're tub avail was that you were talking about you know what television is going to do you know at the end of the game when he got cadillac i was probably right about that wasn't it would definitely they right yeah you definitely ri they call me yellow belly now oh the death right now that's good jay they live that's good i like to be loved but paul i'm just going to say the you that arba had last year i mean they they want to actually question wifi final question one one final question okay when was what year was the last time auburn won two consecutive games against alabama do you remember the last time i want to think of auburn consecutive games against alabama oh man i can't think when we won and from from from ninety two all the way to ninety seven would beat him every year pow.

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