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Knit drafting sportsbook minimum age and eligibility restrictions apply, see show notes for details. Matt Turner, I can't tell you how magical it has been to watch your journey. I remember after the gold Cup final last summer, you tell reporters, I don't think I ever would have pictured myself playing in a final against Mexico when I first had dreams of playing soccer. And now, now I'm sort of addicted to that feeling. Can you articulate that feeling for those of us that are still waiting for our call up? It is larger than life. Think about the thing that you've worked hardest for in your whole life and coming to fruition. And then being tested on one of the biggest stages imaginable, and it going perfectly. You know, that's like a rush. It's like you're gambling. You play in red or black on the roulette table and you pick red and your whole life savings on it and you hit euphoria and I'm glad that I found that addiction on the soccer field and not actually at the roulette table. Football is a hell of a drug. Your average goalkeeper starts in gold. Let's say 7 years old. That means you roughly 9 years behind and the goalkeeping position if you just said is one which is really you mature into it. You're deep into your 30s. Is it possible that we're not going to be seeing peak mat Turner until 2031? I'd say so. I still feel young. I still feel really, really great. I still wake up every day eager to learn and to get better. I come into every day thinking to myself, I can learn something today. What's it going to be? How can I get a little bit better? How can I improve? Listen, it's not a daily mantra, but that's just how I always feel as I step onto the field. So yeah, I think it's definitely possible. I think I'll continue to improve for many, many years. And then when I can't move as well after 20, 31, then I'll continue to get better because I'll figure out ways to make the game easier for myself and I'll sort of streamline it. And I'm hoping to play into my 40s. That ten year list of goals. That's on my list of goals. My real goal is to play a professional soccer game with my son. However, if he doesn't want to play soccer, I will be okay with that. But that's the goal. If he's like 16, 17 year old phenom, and I can tough it out for two or three more years and just get one game. That'd be it. Would you advise him to be a goalkeeper? No. You take dude, we need a number 9, get on it. Yeah, I would say I would just say go score goals, go have fun. 'cause this is fun while I train, but in the game, it's not so fun. So you go have fun out there. Matt, I gotta say, I find, and I think anyone that's listened to this will agree, you are truly bloody inspirational, really a testament to belief, tenacity to never taking no to believing that there's always another level. The Robert Frost poem, the road taken two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference. You have walked a footballing road less taken. What is it about you? What quality do you have that there's enabled you to do this? One, it's the support from my family. From the people that have always seen me compete from a young age, they've always just stuck by me and they always believe that I could achieve whatever I set my mind to achieve. And that's a really great feeling when you have people in your corner that even when it doesn't go right, you can always look at them and they'll put their arm around you and say that they're proud of you. At the end of the day, that's all it really matters before every game I think to myself just put forth a performance that you can look yourself in the mirror and say that you're proud of and then you can look your family in the faces and they'll be proud of you as well. And then I think the other thing is that competitiveness when I was a kid, I didn't really know how to harness it. So I was the POS. I don't know if I'm allowed to curse on this show or not. But I was kind of a piece of. I was so competitive. I didn't know how to harness all of it. So I would cry, you know? Like if I was on the basketball court and I would get fouled or ref wouldn't call it or ref called a, I would just, I couldn't control my emotions, you know? And I think it was like embarrassing for my parents at some level sometimes, you know? Or if I struck out in baseball or rolled over a ball, I should have hit over the fence. I've smashed my bag, my helmet. I was horrible kid, you know? But it was like all of a sudden it changed when I got into soccer. I figured out the way to harness that competitive energy and instead of using it to get upset, I used it to get better and to work at things. And I think that that's what being a goalkeeper, you need to have a little bit of calm about you. And that's been really the challenge of my life was to figure out how to keep that rage and those tantrums like calm and use it as energy to continue to work harder and continue to get better. If I could take you Back to the Future style in a Delorean, what would you tell yourself if we could go back to your freshman year of high school at night after you'd first played football? When you didn't want to go back to practice, when you thought about quitting the squad, what would Matt Turner today say to Matt Turner back then? Knowing what you do now. I don't know if I would say anything because I had enough people in my life that set me on the right path. One of my favorite parts about my whole journey is that I really lived all along the way. I never felt when I was 14, 15, 16, I can't do this because I'm trying to do that. I had the same college experience that most Americans that I went out, I partied. I had fun. I drank was drinking in people's backyards in the Woods by trampolines in high school, you know? Running away from the police. You know, it was all those things. I had that childhood and I would never want to take that away from 14 year old Matt Turner. So I think that all those things that were really great to have those experiences was amazing. I think you just look at young mat and just saying, Matt, let's ride. I like that. Let's ride, yeah. I literally said that to Ashton so far. You should kill me for it. My Turner, you are a great American. I am so humbled and honored to have this window into your life at this incredible moment in your career in your life. You're living that a lot of life and to hear you talk about it. So beautifully, it's inspiring. Thank you, man. Godspeed. Thanks for having me on Raj, it's always a pleasure. Thank you. Mazel tov on the family

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