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The electric circus, known as Freddy and Fitz Simmons on Freddie Coleman. He's in Fitz Simmons on the ESPN APP in suit except Channel 80. Francs of straight talk Wireless. No contract. No compromise. Quick update in the game going on between the Rockets and the Lakers. Recorded in the books and Houston Rockets leading Game one that Western Conference semifinal series 85 to 79 James Harden. 31 points leading everybody with somebody in this game. LeBron James. He is 20 Anthony Davis. He has 19 but Houston they had to lead 85 to 79 over the Lakers at the three quarters of Game one of the M B Western Conference semifinal series that came right now happening on ESPN, and we had sad news, the NBA and also college basketball early this week. When Hall of Fame coach John Thompson, who put Georgetown basketball on the map, he passed away earlier this week at the age of 78. Now Patrick doing is the best known Georgetown player. He was one of the first big recruits that John Thompson was able to bring the Georgetown Magic doing, said doing a video call with reporters about the legacy of John John Thompson with these words, his legs who always live on through me through Alonzo Mourning through the Camino Tom Bo. Through all the people he's coached. He's done a great job teaching us not only to be great athletes, but also great human beings. Now it's my role. My responsibility. Keep doing those things to the kids. I'm teaching in quote by the pack to you in the head coach at Georgetown, where he is an alum. Let's bring in another llama Georgetown who became a big man in that legacy at the pattern you in lands of mourning. He is a fellow Harrington, who played for four years of Georgetown. You play in the NBA for more than 10 years, and now he's a Teamusa assistant coach. He joins us in a friendly Fitzsimmons, thanks to Shell Pennzoil Performance line. All the start the beginning. Your young man, you're being recruited by John Thompson. He shows up. What was that experience like? Ah, it was a pretty cool. I mean, No, no, no. Just think back. Just thinking back on it. You know, he gets other card, You know it. It's a rental car solely and Jackson in Jackson. So it's not just silly. You know, a big car, so we get out of this car. And he's a humongous humongous there. And he comes into the house and he sits down on a couch. And, you know, he sits down and makes the cast looks so small from from the standpoint, you know, he makes the Catholic small by that may know something. Standpoint of his presence. In the in the in the room. I mean, it made the bloom even smaller. I remember talking to Dwayne Brian, you're talking about you. People don't know a fellows from Jackson, Mississippi, Dwayne Bryant from a point guard who was just right before you in the late eighties, you know, was out of New Orleans and Della Sal High school. Georgetown became his global brand. So just just just describe that moment when he's sitting on the couch. You're you're home in Jackson, Mississippi, and here is the head coach of Hoya Paranoia, right sitting right there in your living room. No. And in that moment, what's going through your mind as a young high school senior Well, you know, I could. I could really couldn't believing there's you know it was. You know, my dream school, you know, you know I wanted to go there. You know, and just having dairy, you know happen Talkto my family and everything. And have the opportunity you know, to meet him with dream come true. When you get a chance to fulfill a dream like that, Sometimes a lot of people think about. Hopefully, the nightmare doesn't overtake the dream. I get the sense that was not the case with you Go into your dream school playing for John Thompson. What was it like knowing him as a coach and then becoming a mentor. We had a chance to be a Georgetown under him. It was great. I mean, selling somebody. I mean, there was It was hard. I mean, it was hard, You know, you come out high school and You know, everybody's telling you, you're You're this your grave everything, And then you get to Georgetown hit smack in the face. You know the work. You had to do what you know. From, you know, if you talk to anybody, you know one thing that you know, Coach coaches a teacher. He's always knows that I know that I'm not a cold first. I'm a teacher. You know, a teacher first on And he did, you know? He took Leopold, you know being being Ah! Forcing me to be a cannibal. But no patient patient and teaching me and Help me grow and understand and dealing with Bye phases will help me with my sales as well. A ce faras. The failures go. What did you learn from him? That you still maybe implement? Not even as a coach is your people? People don't know You're coach now. A fella, But just in your day to day life. What did you learn from Coach Thompson? You know what was funny? Coach, if you know anything. Coat code would call when we're practice Coach with a Yeah, I know what you did here. I mean, he knew what everybody get off campus with the city. You know, whatever. You know, he knows any knew what you did. And he would tell you about it The next day of practice. You know who you know he would tell you about it, you know? One day you can you can you ever wanna know all this stuff about you guys?.

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