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Gordon Freeman feeling FitzGerald. After fits to Sean, went three picks later Kenyan Drake, alshon Jeffery Sony, Michelle, Ronald Jones. Another rookie of the fifth creeping up Allen Robinson. Well, that's pretty interesting. That's fair value. Larry, Larry Miller. Yeah. Lamar Miller got Gary. Larry in my head Jarvis Landry marking Brandin cooks trying to sell some cars. I'm might tried to sell you. Brandin cooks here in the fifth round would've failed. Yeah, that's going to be outvoted two to. One. Why don't you guys break down the choices here? Five. Oh seven with our beautiful team. Can we Brooks ended early here and just start these four? Okay. At quarterback, it doesn't matter who's on the board. You because there are quality running backs and wide receivers. Make sure you use that strategy or draft at tight end. It also doesn't matter because rob rob gronkowski Travis, Kelsey and Zach are off the board. So we're looking at wide receiver and running back and wide receiver. You have more stalwart guys like your golden Tate, or you've got high upside guys like Chris, HOGAN, Marvin Jones, Sammy Watkins, and then it running back. You've got some, you know, Royce Freeman is a guy who I project to be the lead dog. If he ends up as the lead dog, he's a great value in the fifth, but there's no certainty. Maybe you know, maybe devante Booker turns into like knowing how to the running back and surprises us all. Also, I loved Dion Lewis at this spot in a half point p PR. Go several rounds behind Derrick Henry who went three away. There's actually nobody that is leaping off the page. Oh. Who is it? The leap off is Jason alluded to devante Booker and the only way that he's taken Royce Freemen's job as if he is actually taking Royce Freemen's job. I said the only way but Royce Freemen's job is currently the backup to devante Booker. The only way not I'm talking about the beginning of the season, correct. The only way the devante Booker is the starters, if he is actually succulents and Kim steal the soul and all the power from Royce Freeman, you are predicting not only ROY screaming will emerge, yes, but he will emerge as the starter emergencies victorious. I would take voice Freeman if this was you believe that to pick Jason. I do believe that he will emerge victorious too much risk right here for me. Okay. So you draft Greg Olsen perennial top-five tight end you've skipped around? No, tines of off the board. He still in the tier with Kelsey and hurts to me. And your at.

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