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92 degrees With 5. 70 K l I f news and information. I'm Chad Dixon. Let's get a look at your money here. Spencer McGowan with network Radio. The trading day starting empowered by Goldman Sachs Profits 50% over expectations JP Morgan actually doubled profits above last year Yet major indexes down on the day Russell 2000 small cap Down 2% and a half the down the S and P down a third of Said S and B actually did make a brief all time high. NASDAQ 100 traded into all time high territory just enough to catch up with the Dow and the S and P After being negative earlier this year West Texas intermediate crude finishing the day It's 75 25 a barrel up a dollar 15 I'm Spencer Miguel and President McGowan Group network radio dot com News and information. Time is 404. Let's get a look right now. Traffic Southbound 75 Woodall Rodgers have disabled vehicles blocking the left lane of the westbound ramp to 3 66. So use caution. If you're heading into the area and then in route led westbound 30 at Del Rock, there's an accident, blocking the left lane, causing about a minute or two delay and then eastbound 30th del Rock that earlier accident has been cleared. Traffic is still stop and go for Broadway Beltline in Fort Worth eastbound North Loop, a 20 between Blue Mountain Road and Mark for Parkway. There's road construction, and the Left Lane is closed. With K L F right now. Traffic I'm Junior Caruso. Now let's get a look at your 5. 70 K l I f news and information forecast. This is W F a meteorologist Caylee Dion with a look at your forecast tonight mostly clear skies temperatures in the mid seventies. We head into Wednesday expect a mix.

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