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Edge. Jeremiah joined by my partner. Bucky brooks block. We are through the folk of the pro days. Man i am good. It's been a been a fast and furious week with the number of days. We had a chance to look at but raleigh month away from the draft. So it's an exciting time. All right we got a big show today. Everybody what's coming up. We'll look the big news talk about which quarterback before on his draft with the third pick. Also you had a little time with one of the top quarterback prospects in this draft class caleb farley so we'll talk about that one on one that you were able to do with him plus we'll talk about some pro day winners you gotta love the winners and losers a day. We'll talk about. Yeah lots of discussion here today. And i think that's where we should kick things off. We had a star studded pro day on wednesday. Took place both at florida and at lsu also notre dame going at the same time but we go down to florida. Were kyle pits. I have missed the second player in the draft book. I know we've talked about him forever. This is a match up nightmare. This is a unique talent and somebody that put that on display here at the pro day. You have to leave on display the numbers right here. Six five five as to forty five four or or forty time and when you think about him. Dj tied and he's really jumble wide receiver and we've seen these jumbo wide receivers that have gone at the top of the board on draft day have actually been dynamic and dominant players. You go all the way back to who the jaws. Aj rain and some of those guys. So he's a fantastic weapon. Someone is going to be excited to have an opportunity to play with them looking at it as scouting report right here. You see the speed. The ball skills that was on display at the pro day. The only thing needs work. You'll fall off blocks. But i thought he improved as a blocker from twenty nineteen to twenty twenty. But let's jon the video here. I can show you on fall tape what you love when you study. Kyle pits first of all the work and against top tier guys. He can play through contact. We'll talk about that. At the line of scrimmage as well as at the top of the route the adjustment on the low ball. how about that one. You can go up and get it. This is more difficult. Play.

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