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These issues and not for us to rush through this process. Mr. Mr Cameron. I've heard calls for. I'd like to respond to Senator Booker. Senator booker. I think that. Respect very much. Lot of things you you. You do what you spoke about my decency. My leftist bipartisanship that you're hearing from you. Are taking advantage of my decency and integrity. So. So pardon me for not buying the bipartisan unity drivel that was shoved down my face or tried to shove down my face the last several days because I know better, I know a political stunt when I see one, and you know, you can you can you can abstain from saying something derogatory about a person. But then you don't you're not obligated to join in what you think is a political farce. And that's what I did. It's what I chose to do. But even because I chose to not join in the political force farce. I was I was criticized heavily call names, lots of different. I don't care. I'm not a snowflake. I could care less. People can say whatever they want about me. But I'm just pointing that out too. So really what I think it is is that is long as you agree with them. Then that's my partisanship. If you don't then they're going to stand up and scream and yell and be forcibly removed from a hearing room. They're going to talk over you. They're going to demand. A hearing is germ before it even begins. They're gonna show zero respect to a man who's been nominated by the president of the United States to serve in the United States Supreme court. They're going to just show absolute disrespect. But if you agree with them. Well, then that's why partisanship. But if you disagree, then they're also going to fear monger, and they're going to accuse you of horrible things as well. Whether it's more kids dying, whether it's more women being killed by abortions, or whether it's whatever it is. That's how they that's how they work. So sorry, I couldn't by the nonsense. And today is a great example of absolutely the lack of respect that was shown today to this very accomplished man Br Cavanaugh in front of his wife and his kids and look again, you know, I'm not a baby I understand that you bring a wife and kids are American Republic is supposed to be contentious. And you're supposed to battle these things out. But man, they wouldn't even let the chairman get the guy's name out. They wouldn't even let the chairman begin and welcomed the guy until they started piling on and telling and talking over him, and then questioning is integrity and his character. And look, you know, Chuck Grassley is not a very very strong chairman, but nobody doubts Chuck Grassi's character. And that's exactly what Cory Booker. Did. You know, he did that. Because again, his base is watching and what the base wants is the base doesn't want to see them come together. The base wants to see them tear, this guy apart tear judge Gorsuch apart. They wanna see him Booker and Kamala Harris, and the others do whatever is possible to shred this guy. And that we people in the audience to help with that actresses like piper parable and Mitchell stand up, and then they'll get arrested in the grandstand that they got arrested because that's the point getting arrested is the point you see. And then when that's over then they'll start with the fearmongering again and how everybody's gonna lose their freedom. And we're back to Ted Kennedy warning us about Robert Bork's, America. That's your bipartisan moment right there. So pardon me for being an adult.

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