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For joining us he's the former chair the national infrastructure commission again in huge contracts not just eight chest too but eh chess in the ministry of defence in prisons providing winning maintenance work catering and the light army barracks prisons aberdeen bypasses hi we expect you to call 745 million midland metropolitan hospital the building that and royal liverpool hospital as well they already have fingers in many many different pies telling someone else has things may even biceps david buick get to him in just a moment but first up i love to hear from you and 344991000 is an obstacle craig has called that number he's in oxford and wants to have a good morning t gray julia money what you want to say about this caribbean story well i just want to tell you i'm the yorkshire putting in the half of the 70 sixes jesse did this this is about the lighted nice president macro once the french forget to be listed as unesco national treasure and i've been asking all morning what the british national treasuries and what was your what was your suggestion she put him at oaks makes the roast in yet you're right now that you have that's going to be hard there's a lot subs up coming from the studio now that's okay right now let's look about most serious thing is chameleon yeah you're on your own some city creating a too big to fail w quite frankly i think that's how often nonsense oh i mean there's a lot of jokes on a long yes but what i have no with tons 10 some of the competitors the competing for these jaunts ooh sit in the back round shopping that knowledge is waiting to step into the vacuum let's go before from this what do you think should happen now regarding pensions and wages and what is is the directors felt the there in this situation is something the money niece folks down a measure.

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