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What what are some other you mentioned leonardo inventing helicopter right the is a is a common misunderstanding of exaggeration of of davinci what are some other common misconceptions or old wife steals sets even the right label for related to leonardo's inventions life art or anything else are there any that really well you never really was able to conquer doing a flying machine uh he tried very hard he also tried to make a perpetual motion machines in a word the water would flow down and turn a screw and the school would bring the water backup because he wanted to see if he could do perpetual motion and he even tried to mathematical things that he tried to do such as the ancient problem called squaring the circle which means making a circle the exact same area as a square but using only a tractor or the ruler to do so the thing about all of these things he tried to do is there impossible you know you can't square the circle as we've discovered you know pie is an irrational number it can't be done likewise humans can't propel themselves just by flapping mechanical devices and perpetual motion can happen but this too is a lesson from leonardo which is every now and then you should try to do the impossible then you discover why it's impossible but also you stretch your imagination and youth chief said of leonardo that it in that you make a very important point that if if you don't occasionally attempt you may think is on the edges of possibility you you you can't really delineate the line between the very edge outer edge of the possible versus the impoverished delivery that actually in some of things you know the mentor advice in your books you gotta you gotta blur the edge between the possible in the impossible steve jobs called that or the people work with steve called it is reality distortion field he would push people to do the impossible likewise.

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