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E e do bree edit bread i can't remember his fucking name yeah that guys that guys filthiest fuck yeah talking about last time and the old thing to the phillies is that we were what two weeks into the season be like well this team's going to be a fucking dumpster fire and here we are few weeks later first week of may there two games back there three games above five hundred then they're on par with kind of kind of what the nationals have done it and i think with when we talk about the nfl west where the dodgers are and how dave robbers is like well when you look at the end of the year the dodgers are going to be in first place i'm not exactly sure that that's going to be the case but with the nationals who are in a similar similar position there two games under five hundred they're in fourth place if you were to tell me that at the end of the year that the nationals are going to be in first place i'd still believe you like i see it but i see what the dodgers it's like that's what i was trying to say earlier yeah like with the dodgers if you wanna tell me you know this team was great last year it it's almost it's it's it's almost identical to between the nationals dodgers great teams coming into the air clear favorites to win the division i can see the comeback with the nationals i think that that has a lot to do with health that talent the roster and the other teams within the division the competition i think with with you know the competition the nl west the dodgers have to face on their climb back to the top way more difficult than that's.

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