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Table with Anthony O'Neill air every Monday. How to set a clear vision for your future. Everything you need to know about success and how you can go from looking fake rich to really becoming wealthy. A lot of people looking fake Rich Absolutely. And you know what, Dave? I think you'd be very proud of me. I know your priority. Listen to the show, but this week's show is the 10 things she shouldn't do with your paycheck. Oh, and I literally write down verbatim. It's an hour long show and I literally talk about Here's what you need to do with every time you get paid. Cover your four walls do this. Do that. Um, And the response is insane. Already had 25,000 views in 24 hours. Wow, cause I literally go through the basics because people want to look rich when I want to help people. Hey, here's how you build wealth, and it's a solid foundation. So Tom Stanley there at the Millionaire next door, the last book he wrote before he passed away. Um, wrote a book called Stop Acting Rich. There it is, And he went through the statistical and mathematical evidence that acting Ridge will actually cause you to never be rich. Yes, sir. Yes effort. He intends pretty pretty amazing. Well, Erin Ramsey Solutions We want to transform so many lives. That disruption happens to this crazy culture. It's crazy. Y'all y'all have you all noticed that this culture is out of control? Imagine a world where it's weird to have a student loan. Where most people pay cash for their car. Where the credit card is the cigarette of the financial industry. Where you actually understand the success principles and your kids do to that. Anthony teaches every day where you understand how to get a job and have a career you love from Ken Coleman, and it becomes normal. Well, instead, you know, we're trying to put ourselves out of business. But there's no danger of that. If you want to join us on that crusade. We're currently on the hunt for software engineers. With expertise in Ruby Rail, Ruby on rails, so I don't even know what is Java C sharp front end technologies. If your ux designer Seo content marketing specialist, a data data analyst. If you're in the tech world, we are hiring 300 folks this year. And Ramsey Solutions is exploding and not just tech but everything but a bunch of high end tech jobs. And here's the cool thing about tech jobs At Ramsey. We work 40 hours. Not 80. We actually go home. You come out of the parking lot at 5 30. Oh, yes, It's empty, empty empty and we don't ask people that we don't crack the whip on them and so forth. So text the word work. If you're interested, you can. You can check out Davis hiring tab at Ramsey solutions dot com or text work to 33 789 work. 233789 because we do do that during the 40 hour. We weren't we do we work? Laura is with us. Laura is in Montreal, Canada. Hey, Laura, how are you? Good. How are you? Matter than we deserve. How can we help? Um so You're breaking up, Try again. Hello. Hello. Try one more time You're breaking up. Okay, noise. My question. I'm really clueless right now. And to be honest, um, so why parents have an 18 year age difference. And there is a so obviously recently we've had some conversations about wills and things like that. And my family has a cottage. It's really important to us. It's been our family for generations, and it really means a lot to our everyone in our family. However, I was speaking to my mom who doesn't. She doesn't have a job, and she expressed that she Would be interested in selling it after And God forbid the passing of my father, especially if she needed money. And I'm really wondering what is E? What? Right as a child. Do you have to interfere in that if any Not your stuff. Yeah. Why do you think you do, Laura? I don't know. It's just so hard seeing something that meant so much to everyone in our family, possibly Not, you know, being in our family. How much is it worth? A lot. It's just done a really big piece of land were probably upwards. Two million Why don't you sell some of the land and keep the cottage? But would I be able to suggest that or is well, you could buy the cottage and asked them to carve out just a few acres and keep the cottage itself because not the farm. That means something to you. It was that it was the lake, part of it, right. Yeah, It's just generally having even a piece of it, You know, just Just the memories that are attached to this. The area. I guess that is a good idea. It's just dress. It's hard to like I have offered to even Give support if needed, like I would be fine giving financial support. Obviously to my family. Uh, how old are you? I'm 26. Okay. What do you make? I'm just under 70 G. And your dad is how old Um, my dad is in his mid sixties now. Okay. All right. Well, let's pretend you've got 20 years. Before this really comes up. He gets to his mid eighties. Okay? Mhm. Uh, that would give you time to prepare. If this means a lot to you to build some wealth and be able to offer to buy it. Yeah, And it would be certainly okay for you to ask that you be given the option to buy it in the will. Should they that you'd be given first right of refusal or a an option to purchase it, Uh, first option to purchase it or something like that. So that they didn't just call you up one day and go. We sold it, You know, Instead, you got your you know, because you've saved up a half million dollars and you could about half the property and Had themselves off the other half or something like that, and that would have scratched your itch and then you then at that point, you become a customer of the estate, not someone who just feels entitled to it agreed. I agree. Yeah, just have the conversation. But I wouldn't go in there saying, Hey, this is what I want. This is what needs to be done. Just as we don't have any rights. Yeah, You're not entitled to anything. I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I understand that. And it does mean a lot to you emotionally. I hear you saying that, but that doesn't give you any moral or legal or even emotional rights to it. We have a Lake house, and if I decide to sell it tomorrow, uh, it would break my kid's heart because they've all learned to ski there. The grand babies have all spent time there. We all love it. It's the same kind of a thing. It's an emotional piece of property for us. It'll break my heart. Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony would be crying. He's already his. His eyes are already leaking. I'm serious, did you? That's where you learn to ski. Exactly. Hard to ski there, man. Yeah. Hey, Dad, He's quite a quite a water skier. Now. You should have seen him. The falls were amazing last weekend, but the anyway the Yeah, that that the point being You know that you earned the right to speak into this by having some money to do something, and it's not just a matter of offering support. It's a matter of Hey, if you're ever going to sell it, I don't want that to happen because I love it so much. Please give me first rights. Would you mind even putting that in the will, Dad? Um, and something like that? That would be okay. And there's nothing wrong with that at all. And so I got dibs on that. You know that. That's a if if you're gonna if you would allow me to, I would consider that awesome because it means so much. For me. But just because it was your childhood, Uh, summer vacation. And it's emotional does not give you any rights. You're not a zero entitlement on that. Sorry, Josh is that's my opinion. And you asked it. Josh is in Dallas. Hey, Josh, how are you? Product shot two days. Another question about trading in my vehicle, So I've purchased a brand trucks November last year and traded in my truck. Um, the dealership contacted me a couple weeks ago or last week, and they wanted to buy my chuck back with the shortage of vehicles. So 26 minute right now, Um, I made a really good trade on it and got a lot of equity and oh, 26 now went off me 41,000 cash right now, Would you pay for it? I paid like 42 5. Wow. Yeah, Great. Uh, Was it worth? Yeah. What is Kelley Blue Book says says Um, that's what I did online. Coble callable betrayed him, and it said that it was worth 40. But then whenever I want to talk to the dealership, they said they would give me 41. Yeah, and that's trade in by the way, that's not private sales, so I think I'd probably we could probably get a look. I think you push them get a little more out of it. Do you want to sell it? Um, well, here's the thing. So my wife and I took on some debt, um, from a child test in the case of $14,000 from a attorney fees, so we're working on paying it off. What's your household income? 140. Okay. I'm okay. If your salad it's certainly a good opportunity..

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