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At Mango roadblock in the left shoulder. Watch for a crash on the Bayside Bridge heading north bound right near the Hump north bound to 75 slow from the Howard Franklin Bridge all the way to I four page correra NewsRadio. Wf. Mostly cloudy skies this evening and a good chance of showers and thunderstorms could be some strong downpours. Temperatures 81 degrees. 76 degrees for Thursday morning. Summerlee Sunshine mixed in some clouds 91 for a high deep atmospheric moisture so about a 60% chance of light day showers and thunderstorms carrying into the evening hours. 40% chance late day for Friday Early sun 92 92 as well for Saturday 40% Chance of rain southeast of Southwest winds 5 to 10 C's wanted to a light chop a waters. I'm news Channel chief meteorologist Steve Jervis live local and something different for the drive Home. Thiss is PM Tampa Bay with Ryan Gorman on NewsRadio Fella. Welcome to P. M. Tampa Bay on this Wednesday, September 9th time. Ryan Gorman with me this evening, Felix Vega and James Berland er on the board some quick programming notes short show this evening Lightning pre game coming up at seven, with puck dropping for Game two of the Eastern Conference finals at eight. We're gonna have a full show tomorrow. So anything we don't get to this evening will cover then. And on Friday doing a 9 11 anniversary special from 6 to 7 before Game three of the Lightning Islanders. Siri's Our top story today, the Bob Woodward book, You know, a lot of books about President Trump have come out over the past few years. If you listen to the show on a consistent basis. You know, I don't.

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