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And our servers rivers using renewable energy but when a seller ships a package from her house to the buyer. That's really outside of our supply chains we said how can we make sure that that doesn't have a negative of environmental impact and three degrees has been an amazing partner to help us to offset all of the carbon that comes from shipping okay scheme to i want to know what is the competitive advantage of hiring hiring you in other words. I see a lot of young people and young people want to know what a company is doing to preserve the environment. They bring you in. Do you see some step up or awhile. I want to say he just because i think a lot of people feel good d- do but it's actually biscuits. I think first of all it starts with leadership of the companies that we work with the truly believe that ah climate change is is <hes> something that they have to take urgent action on it starts there but they also recognized that within their stakeholders that there's they wanna create create a connection with values <hes> and that that just makes good business sense and can i just build on that for a second it turns out it costs less than a penny a package to offset the carbon from shipping when we discovered that we said gosh we're just gonna pay for it at oetzi and then in check out we market that that when you buy from oetzi see you're not impacting the the environment the increase in conversion rate made this paid for itself it literally pays for itself because customers buy more from oetzi because we can work with three degrees in offset habitual buyers which term i love the cheese because of it yes <hes>. It's good for business and it's good for the environment. It doesn't have to be a trade. Well see. I think that penny per <hes> per package is something. I think a lot of people have no education. I think a lot of people feel this suddenly see. We'll start losing money because they're doing this. You do do not necessarily <hes> impact the bottom line negatively when you come in no at the end of the day of the leadership of our partners recognized that there's value in there with their the company to to take these kinds of steps <hes> and if i cut a demystify the notion of an offset stupid because really there's a they are a mechanism to channel money money to projects that reduce greenhouse gases and there's an extensive process behind the scenes the projects have to go through to get verify to ensure the environmental integrity already so it's actually that our partners and all those people out there that see what he's doing can be assured that those emissions are truly happened well. I think that's terrific. I i want to say on the first day you picked up the tab for everybody ecommerce which raises visibility so that this man comes in help preserve our environment which we didn't eat more than ever steve maneuvering in three degrees. Thank you so much josh great to see this. Josh silverman brooklyn's own oetzi. Thank you so much guys soon. When it comes to your portfolio kramer will always go the extra mile travelling the country and telling the most valuable story start your investment journey with matt money and lead kramer helped map out your financial future uh-huh the last call received my support wins and then they'll widing round is over. Are you ready.

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