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Point one HD two Oklahoma City. A huge drug seizure for the Norman police department. I'm Beth Myers. The NewsRadio one thousand Katie, okay? New center. Norman police officers were called to check out a semi truck and a parking lot of a hotel and the one hundred block of twenty-six avenue southwest early Monday and during their investigation, they found more than twelve hundred pounds of liquid methamphetamine and a passenger side diesel tank. The math has a street value of about four point four million dollars. The truck driver Thirty-six-year-old Enrica, Laura of Chicago and a passenger twenty one year old jasmine Morales of macallan Texas were arrested the bicyclist struck by vehicle yesterday on state highway sixty six west of Yukon has died from his injuries. Police say fifty year old Gary Duval died this morning. The driver who struck him left the scene the Putnam city teacher arrested Monday for allegedly sending inappropriate social media messages to a fourteen year old girl was a special. Education teacher at Putnam city high school thirty eight year old Marcus Quin allegedly exchanged nude photos with the girl and said he wanted to have sex with her. The girl reportedly told police the two have been talking on Instagram since last spring and former nursing home administrator and drum right now is accused of taking more than two hundred thousand dollars from elderly residents state attorney general Mike counter filed charges of financial exploitation against Fifty-seven-year-old Tina Pearson. She was the administrator of the drum right nursing home, and it's alleged she diverted the funds intended for thirty three residents and use them for her own personal use if convicted she could face up to ten years in prison. Two suspects are behind bars in connection to last Friday's fatal shooting at the night trips club and the two hundred block of south Vermont where twenty nine year old jasmine culture was found in a parking lot and was taken to a hospital where he died. Police have arrested thirty two year old Jessica Villegas and thirty year old. Harvey booker. They were booked into the Oklahoma county jail on first degree murder complaints. And the state plans to launch a new program November I that will use automatic license plate readers to identify uninsured vehicles. And then find the owners and give them thirty days to get car insurance. Brian Hermansen is with the Oklahoma district attorneys council. We will no longer is district attorney's needed to be filing charges against persons caught by this program with criminal charges will lessen the the backlog in the court system. It will make that easier for all.

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