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Let's move move onto round to do anymore advocates. No I was going to say she's doing this. I saw Lugo juicers rule more dogs. I know the goody toast on it but you gotta get those Damn Swipes Okay dopey coveted here for combustion notes early. The Need to last longer in the song was a skipper. The yours schools. That's a delight delight picture and I knew though what he looks like and I can just does. Does he listen to the full new job. Dog Swipes please record that call. When it comes through delight your just misbehaving over there? uh-huh which is appropriate brings us into round two talking a little misbehaving. Thank you have any of you ever ever plagiarized. Yes No I. Don't think so. That certainly not tweets county put plagiarizing happens all the time like. Let's see Oh ours like I know like if you're writing a report on somebody you constantly go and grab something that you saw a great great line of leadership or whatever and then you put it in there. That's what I mean not on like a school papers. No nothing like that. Well I speak Brian. You say you hate when people plagiarize tweets. It happens all the time time I did one the other day we were talking about. How spotify has been showing everybody their top five songs of the year and their most listened to and we talk about my own grain for a good amount? Sounds like Oh. Wouldn't it be funny if porn sent you your top five. Here's how like here's how many minutes you spent on each video. Here's how whatever And so I tweeted it out. It was just a dumb kind. The thing I said it out loud as chaplain are in Brooklyn earlier this week and I was like Oh. Wouldn't it be funny so I tweeted it out and immediately like ten other people tweeted at me and we're like skews me. I already tweeted that last week like but it was because it was just such an unoriginal thought I guess then I was like I have this hilarious idea. Twenty million other people had had the same joke including porn themselves. But when you have one hundred million twitter users that's going to happen right. That's Kinda yes that's out there but it made me. I was like Oh man. I hope nobody thinks I- plagiarized I didn't plagiarize is not my style not my cup of tea But there's a little story from the military coming to us from military dot com the lovely hope Hodge sack She says that the Army Deputy Chief of staff for army logistics has been retired at a lower rank after a watchdog investigation found. He plagiarized work for for his master's degree at the army. Work Haulage Carlisle. PA when he was just a young. Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant General Andrei PG PG Colegio. I'll say it with a flare g clear. Sixty has retired as a lowly major general now Brian. How many stars is that for for you? Know How you remember that be my little Jan Royal. BMG Brigadier Major Little Lieutenant General. Okay eight bucks little stolen valor. Kate strikes anyways he had to retire as a lowly major general girl instead of the tenant general after the Army War College Academic Review Board determined that Peggy had committed plagiarism. While at the school where he received his master's degree in military strategy all the way back in two thousand and to have a lot of questions about that the Review Board revoked the degree and amended his record to reflect a failure to complete graduation requirements. And I was actually a little surprised how I felt about this because normally on the one. I'm like cool with cheating. You could this and jobs like unlike dude. No I'm actually kind of on the side of who gives a fuck fit in two thousand and two he plays is a little bit on. I don't know no I just feel I take the degree not the rink because I mean but you do have to have those degrees to get that ranked so I kind of understand it but it to me. How much did you plagiarized plagiarized? And it's like a paragraph or two that he copy and paste it from another one without citing at like and it wasn't necessarily intentional or militias. He just didn't cite the work. That's like two to paragraphs long over the course of entire thesis that's a little overkill but if you're talking about full out chapters and shit like that like the main thesis of your ideas idea plagiarized that's that's not typically. Yeah that's just not academically good integrity and I mean at this point i. I don't think they would get up in arms about two paragraphs for the site. It had to have been pretty. Yeah I also WanNa know who star almost twenty years later for him to lose a whole starlike who who was meddling around like Oh my God. The coup figured this out twenty years later I was one of those fucking nervous at the war college. Those nerds colonel like probably it was somebody at the war. College was probably using his thesis as a way like as a point of research and they're having similar topics discovered discovered in like oh.

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