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The Patriots wrap up their season tomorrow against the Jets, the team announcing today that they're placing running back Damian Harris on injured reserve. He'd already been ruled out for tomorrow, along with starting center David Andrews. And guard Shack Mason in college Football. Iowa state, Downing Oregon, 34 to 17 in the Fiesta Bowl and the Orange Bowl going on right now Texas saying them leading North Carolina 17 13 That one is in the early part of the third quarter. The national championship in college football is a week from Monday. Ohio State will take on Alabama. It's 35 degrees in Boston at 10 07. Let's get back to the Morgan Show. I'm Dan Watkins WBZ Boston's news radio. This is the Morgan Show. Morgan. Why? Junior call 617254 10 30 joined the group and hang up with Morgan on WBZ News. Radio 10 30, our number two Of the Morgan show. I've been fortunate. Everybody said it will never happen. And I kind of believed a lot of people when they say they're not gonna bring you back, But they brought me back. I've been back for a month. I've done some Dan Ray filling. And my own show hurts Saturdays nine to midnight. Therefore I'm back. And comfortably. I think I'm back. For a solidly good Long time. Now. I'm looking at Thank you, Andrew. I'm looking at Group photo. All the Boston Kid show hosts. This was a group picture taken Where? Also Oh, and Captain Bob and Big Brother Barb Memory and major Mind and Miss Jean. We're all at Ze Special promotions fundraiser. And Rex is right there. And next to that photo. Is a photo. That was taken that Rex is birthday around five or six years ago. And Rex is sitting wearing his white Hatton. Cowboy jacket and In my black hat, holding a microphone and Rex and I did. Something together, and I also did trivia at this event. And that's gonna be the basis of this hour. I've got Mike Bavaro, Who's the caretaker of Oh, materials owned by REX Trailer. And Mike, I want to tell you about something. I got on the phone today. Now is this phone number I have for you a cell phone number. Yes, it is. Morgan. Well, how did he make you New year? Happy New year. I'm gonna see if this photo Can be sent to you. This is from a TV guide and circa 56 57. And it showed Rex and Sue. The morning show they did. And was His head in her head. Over animated bodies. And if you haven't seen it By sending it to you. We're giving you a chance to see it. Have you seen this? From Rex is archives. Yeah, I think I have seen it. Um, And I know we talked about this, um, because you had her son on last week, and, uh, I've been digging through the archives. And trying to find something. But there's so much stuff. Oh, I know there is. Yeah, it's unbelievable. Did you ever find my photo? It's in the book. It's in. Yeah. The Bulls are both. Excuse me, the boom town book. Right? Yeah, it's in black and white in the book. And I'm looking for color. It was color would when I sent to whomever, However many years ago it was right, just like they have their work. Go ahead. Yeah, that was that book The boom town years by surely powered jump, And that was before I met Rex. And it was funny because that Christmas, my brother and I each bought a copy for each other. And little did I know I would be spending the last 10 years of his life with him and Collecting these archives, which at the beginning, I said, where all the old shows because you know, people ask all the time. Work with his daughter, Gillian and trying to preserve this stuff, and people think there's like an archive, with every episode filed away. And people say you have the episode when I was on company with the Cub Scouts in 1968. And it's the same thing. Rex told me When I asked him, he said they're out in the Easter because everything was live. And very little was saved, or if they did tape, they would tape over it right. And one of the tapes that did survive was the final episode from New Year's Eve of 1974, and that is now in the archives at the Paley Center. In New York City, the museum of Television and Radio. And that's located in Brooklyn. Is it not? Well, I It was in midtown. It was right near Rockefeller Center, and when we premiered the boom town film on WBZ. We flew Rex down in the helicopter. And had another screening at the museum at the time, and then we did a talk. Terry career came up who played Cactus Pete and when we did a Q and a with an audience And, um and you know that was like They knew he was a legend, because when I called them, I said, How do you put somebody into the into the museum? They said, Who is it? And I said Rex trailer, they said, Oh, he's a legend and Children's television. I said, Oh, did you grow up in Boston? She said no. Rex trailer was one of the first. Host for a national Children show on the Duma network. And so he was. You know, this was in 1947 when television was in its infancy. And so We brought the broadcast master down there played it with commercials and everything. And then that became part of their archives along with what other whatever other elements we had at the time, which was like some two inch rials. Some 16 millimeter footage. And because Rex didn't have any of the shows. You say? Well, I have this other stuff and he came up from the call it the gold mine and he would come up with cans and cans of 16 millimeter film. That was used on the show like he would go and film a segment like it. The Necco Candy factory. Yes, that's a famous porn age. Yeah, And that's some of the treasure that's in there, because a lot of this stuff we've seen on boom town and then never seen again. And all the film is clean. Some of it's in color. Most of it's in black and white. But it's just stuff of iconic Boston and New England of the time. That's just like a time capsule. So even though it was on boom town, he was covering subjects of the area and beyond. And finding your stuff Where any of the commercials live Commercials. I know when he would do a hostess Twinkie commercial. That was life. Yeah. Yeah, And there's some beautiful color footage of him doing an outdoor show across from WBZ, and he's doing like the snowball commercial. But there's no sound..

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