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We've got a couple of big stories that have simmered over the weekend big time as you might expect. First of all, it was Trump declaring an emergency and grasping the money for his wall on the southwest border. And of course, the fight over that and California, and the usual states, the ones you might expect like Colorado in Connecticut, and Maryland and New York and all of the others that are run by Democrats, and they love those undocumented democrat votes coming in here, California, especially it's ridiculous. They're overrun by illegal. Mexicans illegal aliens Venezuelans and send Salvadorians and everything else. But they allow them to vote, and it'll be interesting as to whether or not they can vote in the twenty twenty election, and I'm saying that ain't going to happen because the losing candidate goes to court over that and says, you had all kinds of illegal votes from California. You can't do that they can allow illegals to vote in California elections or local elections, that's one thing. But certainly they wouldn't be allowed to vote in a presidential or a national election of any kind. But that aside these are all of the states, basically Democrats want those illegal democrat voters coming across that border. And then the other big story is the Jesse smaller story that simmered over the weekend. And this guy the guy who is anybody seen the TV series empire. Nope. I've seen the commercials for that's about the best. I can do for them and even seen that. What about you would Jeff I've seen commercials, but I have not seen it. And how about you Natalie? I've seen commercials as well. Like previous for commercials. Don't work their commercials. Must be very highly. Rated. Yeah, they pushed it really hard. When it came out. It was a we got to introduce all these new actors and stuff, you know. But I guess this is part of the Trump derangement syndrome here is if things you'll see smaller tries to impale the president by his followers, putting a noose around his neck and all this stuff. Then you find out. It didn't true, and he could get up to three years for this. I don't think he will. But Chicago police are handling this now, and it's pretty well been. Pooh-poohed and everything else. It's not true nothing that he said he made this up with a couple of buddies. And even the buddies of now said that it's true. Well, they say they say his motive could have come from a letter that he got a saying maga- and all this racist stuff that he claimed happened on the on the street as well, which he said he got this letter. But there wasn't enough attention around the letter people weren't outrage enough by the letter. So that makes me think did he write that letter in the first place from him. The first thing. I thought also. Yeah, I think so I definitely think so and police are finding there's no corroboration on this thing whatsoever. And they'll probably end up doing more time than he will his buddies that helped him out because they're nobody's don't have a lawyer. Well, you know, that's a possibility as well. At least they cooperated, and they talk they're going to get off here. Yeah. And they got paid a lot of money. I'm wondering if they're gonna have to give the money back to small it here because it all fell apart transactions final its final transactions filed to keep the money in a news though to put around your neck. Me first of all where do you go to get news? Well, you have to make it yourself. Well. Camp. Jeff never made a news at can't. They never taught us that either. So I'm saying. Mississippi. Make one that's not really a news because it didn't have to be affective to hang somebody. All it was something he draped over his shoulder or something like that around his neck. I guess imagine a camp counselor teaching. Make a news boy scout badge making news. Look what I learned this summer. Mommy. I gotta merit badge for nooses. It's five fifteen.

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