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Like I've never even heard of it, but what I do, it's you know me. I'm always good for a bit. Um, what I would have done is I would have just started walking around the golf course and laying next to people's balls like that's great. I would have just been laying and bleeding and been like, Oh, God laying next to people's balls. What you're saying? Yeah, Crazy crazy. No, no, It's normal for our guy over here. Get the idea. It is a good bit. That's I mean, like Johnny Knoxville would have done. Have you seen the ticktock videos where people do this? Do they like if they live on a golf course. Someone hits a drive into their yard. They walk. Yeah, making walks over. He's like, Oh, good. And then you say to him should have bought a house on a golf course. Right? It's all funny and all good. And I'm sorry. You're hurt over there. If you are hurt. Service should not have bought of course, house and a golf course. Give me my title is back. Yeah. Golf balls like six bucks. Ask American Go move now come true. I I still can't get over and I'll get to the Damian Lillard story here. We're going to have some more time going to give away some of the city connect Southside uniform. So we're going to get one more qualifier coming up here in the last half hour of the show. I still can't get over. Um, the nature on that golf course that I've never seen a bald eagle in my life until December of last year. When I was in Florida I've never accepted it was ravaging a squirrel like that video and in the zoo, maybe right. I saw one and it was in a tree in Florida and it was eating a squirrel, and it was one of the coolest things. My wife and I were able to film it. We have video of it and its majestic I've never seen in person. A bald eagle And then yesterday at seven bridges, this bald eagle was putting on a show for us flying up and back over the pond and birds were flying. Unbelievable. There were there was a a pair of other Hawk the RedHawks. You saw them? Yes. On the long par four and they were gliding over us. It was they were looking for something to feed on as well. They kept flying back and forth. Looking for some I was. I had Jack Hanna in my cart. I have Yurko is point out every bird look at look at those two mallards over there Flying on top. Look at that. Everybody gets a lot of Canadian geese every a lot of baby geese to on the course, every bird that flew around our cart or above us, It's he's a ridiculously smart. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Really? Yeah. Regardless of some of the noises he makes and some of the things he says he has a ridiculously smart human beings. Some of his jokes yesterday Dangerous turn the auction. We raised a lot of great money for a live rescue. By the way. Um, so, yeah. I mean, I can't wait. We're going to be out and about we had our golf outing yesterday. There were all these crazy things happened and we're going to be you're going to hear announcements here. Volatile and Sylvia Show on ESPN 1000 on all of our shows us getting out more, and we can't way I even heard. I think I may have heard a whisper to about the fantasy football convention. Really? Yes. Yes. And I've got some ideas to Oh, you do. I'd like to tweak some things. Yeah, sure you would. That's so unlike you that you would like to have some of your thoughts process by the group. Have 3123323776. I want to get to the does Vegas believe the Bulls have a shot at Damian Lillard and we will give away the city Connect Jersey in the next half hour. Be listening to when you're listening to Waddle and Sylvia on ESPN 1000, Chicago's home for Sports. ESPN Chicago AB. It's made with your ears in mind.

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