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Like this really solves a problem that i have as a bow hunter. When i'm in your hands kind. Use their hands for something. Whether it's a chair. I can walk in and now it's so it's it's pretty cool. I mean we've put them on tracked. Wheelchairs we've put him on regular wheelchairs. We've put them on in guys missing limbs we've put them on headrest trucks for it's just it's cool to see and so would you gotta plug in most spiders service and they are. They are cool. But we're gonna keep doing some of that kind of stuff and hopefully i don't. I don't have any ambitions of starting a boho. Bo spider hunting camp. But maybe we could help you guys years a little league. We'd love to have you come to. It's a i- kudos for doing it. 'cause it's i know there's a lot of. There's a lot of behind the scenes. A lot of late nights to get prepped and ready for just from the outfitting side of you know you got hunters coming to camp and all the things that have to get done before they come. And they're they're paying thousands of dollars most cases that come on for a week. These these ladies are not getting charged thousands of dollars to come the ladies kampfer week. So i know there's a lot a lot of love and a lot of volunteer. That goes behind it is. It's been great. You know like say we got the four camps at the two. There's going to be to cancer. Just the regular camps were the basics. Thin have that advanced long range rifle camp whether and shared in and the other one is a youth youth in self-defense. Doing that This year we're just gonna do the long range trifle And advanced rifle last year. We did self self-defense. We did advanced pistol in self defense and in self defense with a pistol with circles and that was totally amazing. When you do our tree. All of altered compelled. That would be awesome if somebody wanted to get a hold or i mean maybe donate or support. How do they what who. Who do they need to get a hold of. And how do they get hold of them. Yeah say you can just The website is just ladies. Hunting dot com. And that's probably the easiest way to shoot me an email and then i will contact you right back Or that's probably the easiest. If i give you the email address it probably won't go over so just ladies hunting dot com. I mean it. It's kind of the name says it ladies hunting camp. It's it's an all inclusive how to pitch a tent how to skin an analytical start a fire how to you know these are things two hundred years ago. We didn't have to learn because everybody lived in a tent at least out here. So it's If it's a it's a fun time i'd like i say yeah. Check it out on the website and on get involved and candy message for him on social media where on instagram and facebook so just leave hunting camp perfect. Well i'm gonna make sure that we get the rest of it covered. And i think i wanna thank you guys for coming it. Oh it's been spent exciting to have you here. We're going to have to go eat a little bit of. I'm sure it's something wild game you know. The wife's in their cooking with some high mountain seasonings honda with high mountain seasoning has been really really good with us. You know that's a standing company. That has a great record and they have some great products. Do when we're packing in hunting. And i'm not gonna say that just because i'm sitting here with you but i don't go by any of the package stuff. I make it all myself and all the seasoning uses mountain seasoning from the me to the tomatoes to the watermelon. Whatever we take it all in ourselves and nuts it's good and healthy and it's i mean i'm i'm not going to go through their whole line up but whether you're a fisher or a big game hunter or just a weekend barbecuer for everybody for every dish and they're they're good. Usa made company. So that's why you know. When patrick and i started the podcast i really didn't want to be commercialising. It and just trying to get any and every sponsor is like no let's get. Let's get sponsors. That are you know companies. We wanna work with comprehensive product. We believe in. And that's just it's it's part of that whole atmosphere of that's kind of what we've done ladies camp to you know we like have quality people to work with the work with us and the sponsorships staff and it's been great. You know because we have loophole weather. Being bench made knife company and traegergrills and You know post like the x. And they believe in what we're doing what we do one of the things that i always tell them as if they sponsor even on a lower level if they have someone that works in their company. That doesn't hunt for instance. The first time that we asked loophole to attend the camp. I said just send someone. If they don't know how to hunt she goes. Oh my gosh. I have this lady. That just doesn't understand it and it's really hard for her to understand when make the product so we do. Because she's never hunted. So i said senator free of chart to sender and boom. They were in because now. She's an avid hunter. And whether it be did the same and lots of them have done the same on to the same. They sent three ladies two years ago three years ago. I can't remember because kinda mess outta but the thing to the hemingway. We kind of touched on this but to really put it in perspective is hunting is a dying tradition. If we don't start passing on if we don't really show people because we are the minority if the majority tomorrow decided that we weren't going to do this anymore on this continent it would be gone. But it's like we talked about being in we can. We can go through the science and the data and or the emotional lashed but it all boils down to this. Activity is is beyond is not a hobby. It's not a sport it mean. It's a way of life dancing and so we definitely need to promote it and preserve it and protect it. And i'm glad to see you guys taking a lifetime of experience. Kind of just. Disseminating it into a consumable product in ladies. Hunting camp right. That's that's what it is and kind of passing the tradition on of. Why do we do this. You know you just touched on wall. Somebody doesn't understand that why they're doing what they're doing and why. These sportsmen are willing to spend hard earned dollars on a good usa made product will in hawaii. I could tell you this was told to me a long long time ago. By an old rancher in eastern oregon. I showed up without any binoculars from my very first bow hunt. I was fourteen randy ahead a pse nova junior with a single composite limbs and aircraft cable for strings right. That's just the way they beta back that little little tidy round wheel at. I didn't have any binoculars. And he told me. Gruff hold rancher. He said you know if you're a rifle hunter without a pair of binoculars. You're half hunter. If your bow hunter without a pair of noculars you're not really a hunter at all your bubble right by bubble little. I mean my bow had a max of. I think i had a thirty. Pin was my bottom pin twenty. There was significant arc. From what i shot to the bail. At thirty eight didn't stick very far in the bail. And i don't think i had a whole lot of success but those initial trips bow hunting over there eastern oregon for a week just sleep out in the stars and getting up and watching sunrises and seeing animals close i can't i can't replace it and i can't put it into words to describe how instrumental impactful. It was on a young man. Right right because i was raised pretty urban. Let's i'm not gonna lie. I'm not going to sugarcoat it now. Not urban anymore not even close but but like you touched on there As far as it doesn't even it's not even about the hunt. We have one little gal. And i've known him forever brooke smith she's amazing And she came to ladies hunting camp. Let's first or second year. She worked for les schwab and drove the trucks and the very first year she had to. I didn't even notice because i was so busy. Checking ladies and and getting them going. There was about four or five ladies that came that were pulling trailers and they didn't know how to back them up so she taught him and every year since then she's come back and she teaches how to back your trailer class but she has hunted the same as i did basically on a ranch on hasn't had a ton of success and she started a blog the very first year. That's called more than a hunt. I think that's the name of hope. I'm not messing that up. That lady is so amazing. She'd never shot archery and she learned archery The first year at ladies hunting and the next year. What was the one she won. She won a national championship for the archery town. Total airdrie challenge. I mean she's an amazing woman but in her blog talks about you know. She went elk hunting for two weeks and she saw one. Elkin was not within range but every day she talked about everything that she saw the sun. Rise probably five million of sunrises. Because they're all you know there are inspiring your gorgeous and posted one on both spiders instagram. This week it was. You can't and and the photo known you can't but it's the little things you see all day long and and her blog is amazing so check it out brooke smith more than hunt and but i think that's it and i think that's why the women are going crazy. It's not just about the harvest. That's the ultimate goal ultimate goal. And and if you to invite me camping and say we're gonna go hike a peak and take a picture. I'm i'm mildly intrigued. If it's off season. And i'm caught up sure right but if you're going to invite me to camp right and stick a tag in my pocket even if it's a unit that has almost no chance of success all hike that same trail camp in that same spot hike to the same peak. Take the same picture of whatever we were going to take. And then i'm gonna stand there and look around and actually immerse myself in nature instead. Turn back and go back to camp in we're done absolutely and there's there's a deeper level of connection with nature versus a one come camping for the week. It's a hunting camp and camping or two different things. And it's not you were just getting to the point of it's not about the was the harvest right now at the core it is. I mean we. We all want the meat and we all want to be my barometer again. Helpful is the freezer. I'm still gonna go. I'm still going to have fun to freezers empty. Well we better be working on felony. The freezer's full you know what. I'm just going to enjoy that. That small heard with that small little satellite and wait for a different one share. -solutely good times are randy and candy. I think that's been a it's really been. I'm glad you took the time out of your hunt to come come by and share ladies hunting camp and share your experience here in wyoming and i hope you come back soon at us for sure.

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