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Jonathan will there ever be a satisfactory solution to the problem of nuclear waste yes and they're already good develoments on the way one issue with nuclear waste as it has a relatively small volume you use nuclear fuel in iraq to for up to three years it's then a solid it can be stored safely already and then eventually the general consensus is that it should be disposed in a deep repository again that compares to fossil fuels where we basically put the waste up with chimney into the atmosphere six and a half million people every year die from air pollution of which fossil fuel generation is a significant contributor we're not argue about fossil fuel we need to end the fossilfuel age no question that assertion that we can deal that nuclear waste safely is sort of beyond the demonstrated so there's not been a deeper buzzed dorje built yet except for plutonium waste that at an accident a few years ago in the united states the temporary storage and spent fuel polled has been evaluated for instance by the brookhaven national lab in 1997 the published a study i can send it to you mr cobb and their worst case estimate of a severe accident was more than five hundred billion dollars in property damage it happened near big cities and we do have spent fuel pools near philadelphia and new york city so yes other risks small yes are the consequences catastrophic yes and this idea that we should do risk calculations by multiplying that small risk with catastrophic damages is i think ridiculous it's like saying a small probability of getting aids is the same as in large probability of getting a cold that different animals altogether.

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