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House Judiciary Committee debating articles of impeachment live represent of Louis Gober speaking right now let's listen in this is a dangerous dangerous time in America they talk about abuse of power but they were willing to obscure evidence in a basement hearing over and over they're willing to block witnesses from coming in here and testifying before Congress they're willing to obtain and publish phone records of people don't know probable cause there's no crimes by any of these people but it reminds me a lot of what happened under the bush department of justice when we got an IG report that said there were over probably over three thousand national security letters like subpoenas sent out on fishing expeditions I was outraged here I almost Hogan Butler and I was talking with senator Schumer who is always he was I was outraged like he wants the report said of the abuses and I called the White House and I said this is outrageous the abuses of Americans rights somebody's got to answer for this and we need a new Attorney General and my mistake was not demanding a new director of the FBI actors mower stayed and you screwed it up even worse than it had been before yeah some of us stand up and call it like it is no matter which administration is office and now we've heard from horror which we've heard from bar and juror on all three years screaming about lies where the real lives and it some point I would think I'm a Democrat the report says all these things we said we're crimes they didn't happen they didn't exist it was all a fabrication and in fact all four of those warrants should never been issue and I hope some of my friends across the aisle will finally join me and said it was either get rid of the FISA court or figure out a way to make them better because they are so abusive and they have been in my party didn't want to fix it their party doesn't want to fix it it needs to be fixed all you just say the this I came in here and I did not want to get emotional what an absent through trials that were hard to sit through but nothing like sitting this week in this committee hearing and Dave like Jefferson I tremble that god is Justin is just just won't sleep forever but the abuse is the obstruction of Congress have come from Congress I would have expected Donald Trump just say you came after me my business associates my family now I'm going back in I'm going to make millions of dollars check with you guys but he is hung in there it's it's amazing at some point the majority is god just say they probably won't we're really sorry there was nothing on which to base all those allegations of crimes on and we owe you indeed apologies let's see the hogans and butlers on the demo and the Democratic Party and same one yet go back generally is back Mr Johnson thank you Mister chairman until this investigation began I did not support impeaching president trump and I'd like to tell you all what changed my mind America first we've heard those words a lot recently we haven't always agreed on what they mean but we know this our founders created impeachment so that no president could place himself above the law impeachment gives Congress the ability and the responsibility to put America first I don't take that responsibility lightly well I didn't vote for president trump I respect the office that he holds I didn't call for impeachment when the president shut down our government or tried to rip health care from those with pre existing conditions but rather the more embarrassing they act like you know Hank Johnson you this represents and what we were talking about you know Americans.

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