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Goes go look up the name of. Johny true lull is what? Email hers plays joining true love who is the ringleader. It's a really gritty. Back to alpha dog. It's a true life story about how it's kind of it's kind of like, Larry Clark harmony Korean in that universe. But not nearly as gritty but still at times on settling. And. The actually use the same hotel that they go. They pick up this guy who wrong them, and they pick up his younger brother and their K come out hang out with the younger brother Zack. Anytime Yeltsin's like, oh, yeah. Yeah. He plays that go hang out. But he's not really, you know, he he's in over his head. But he's excited because accent. That was the guy that Americans America's most wanted wasn't his son was was his son was brutally murdered his name proper Jack stack. Host. No, no, no, you're America's most wanted to the guy that want solve mysteries. Yeah. Yeah. Mirka swatted stack gray hair. I know you're talking to kids kid was kidnapped. And now, it's horrific -ly murder. It was the fucking that was the first guy that ever heard enough stack. Who's that was the host of? Port. So they pick them up, and they take them out partying with them. And all the while you was viewer know that they're going to kill this kid because that's what happened relief. But you get to see like how he thinks just hanging out. And it's Anton Yeltsin who tragically died relies later, but he he's such an innocent. Good kid. This is like back in the day of. Charlie bartlett. What was almo? Been a long fucking day. Charlie banks banks. You're not helping Logan's texting. Who's who's who hosts? America's most wanted for smoke. Computer is going slow there. Joe Walsh, John Walsh. Yes. Jesus christus. That's what I was chasing. All right anyways. They take him to an actual like little motel in palm desert that I used to go to crumbs Cassie find that she motel room where they're partying with them right before they took them off and kill them. It's actually heart wrenching. It's a good movie alpha dogs, a good good movie. Despite what Walsh it as Walsh was. Leading. You towed to heat it before it came up now at about moving. Can I point out that walls, Joe Walsh to walk? Again. John Walsh animals is a kid that I went to school with. All right. Let's move on. So I'm slowing their John wall show washes the tarsha the eagles. Anderson. I'll have you know, that split is the only one of my films that is fresh tomatoes. I don't know what alpha dog is six point nine. Be smoking aces is just twenty nine percent gamble on the left episode. We did because we're not supposed to. Winning gamble last episode jailed. Wait, oh, it didn't give. All right. Well on this. We have to do it. Because. Actually gamble this week back. Also, we're not paying off this week because we never mind. Bush gamble. Yes. Number three. Sitting at thirty three percent on rotten tomatoes. Outrageous it quietly underrated an enjoyable movie. The butterfly effect. Oh, you fucker on your list almost? I'm glad to hear you at least like enough to consider for your list alpha dog fifty five percent. Better moving than that. The butterfly I really liked about. I saw that. And I saw the gentle oblique ending his alternate things. Great. But if life that came out on January twenty third two thousand four this is the only one that's fresh written. Now thirty three percent split. Eric breasts and j Mekki Gruber of the Reta director team. Yes this. So I think the main thing this has going against it is that started Ashton Kutcher who actually was quite good very good to Ashton Kutcher for the hate critic sometimes can look past xactly cool movie. It had a God forbid at star someone who who you don't like you don't take seriously thus. You cannot objectively evaluate the film. Butterfly effect is an above average movie. I enjoy this movie stand challenging it's got some really can stuff has got some stuff that goes..

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