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The from indianapolis to orlando in vedeno show donald trump great great good good better than harvey weinstein jon stewart well he had to acknowledge it he had to acknowledge it there are all of these the a lot of people a lotta now everybody now the floodgates have opened an everybody's talking about harvey weinstein and how he just was touch and other aldo women in hollywood and every even gwyneth paltrow has come out which of i was way actually i didn't i just say that eu officials started cain i said where's when a paltrow because i remember how smiley she was standing next to him with yasser that she stole from winona ryder for shakespeare in love i remember that i've never she betrayed winona and winona is one of my favorites and i am oil i'm nothing if not loyal and she betrayed winona and i will never get over that but this some i mean it's just it's shocking and now angelina jolie and everybody else came out so now finally just now hillary clinton has finally spoken she says and this comes from nick meryl who is the former hillary clinton communications director quote i was shocked and appalled by the revelations about harvey weinstein the behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated their courage and.

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