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But kind of their overall for what you can expect out of him. It's going back to what I said about small would like some of the things you said, isn't that kind of small issues like lack vision, fumbling issues Hasbro? Yeah passer. That's it's almost like you're describing announcement saying there is this player. But I'm just saying some of those things a little similar shin my head, and that's that's the part. I don't love the part of you love again, the part where I think eating try to sell yourself on these some myself on that the untapped. Henschel thing. You know, he's only twenty one. You know, he was sitting behind saquon Barkley, which is not a slight. That's you'll be the you can be incredibly good just because he's there like you're not gonna get that chance to shine because it's saquon Barkley it's kind of interesting evaluation because you look back to the two thousand seventeen draft in. What did we all think was put into the eagles production to a fault? You have to done on Humphry most productive running back in college history. So it's kind of interesting that they would go the opposite direction in this way. But apparently really loved him the short a lot of interest in him. They had him on a project. Visit do Staley apparently really liked him. They also talked to him at the combine Pol dumber. Which from the daily news that you will really liked Sanders lot leading up to the draft. So there's definitely a lot of smoke here around this one turned out to be true in this guy again in this the guy who they're taking, you know, this is the earliest running back. Harry rosement has ever taken. So I just think that's interesting. You're you're really putting himself out there. And be like, this is our guy. We like this guy a lot. And I just I hope he can meet up to the expectation because like you said like he can be this fine running back, and that's okay. But this is the second round pick. So that's a significant resource. So I hope he's pretty good. Yeah. Fans will not be happy with that. And you know, obviously, we have a lot of Penn State fans. That are also eagles fans that are probably hate, right? A right now saying you can book it he's star. I mean. Yeah. I mean, we all we're all rooting for this guy v if he's good. It's better for the eagles. You hope that's what it is. But you know, you mentioned small some some of the traits that are lacking. There. I will say that the defining trait between the two is that ability to cut because I think Smallwood like corners like dump truck and Sandra's able to get in and out and kind of has that slalom type footwork raking carry speed. And and it's real nice. There's a defining traits. Make you feel better. If you're worried about the Wendo Smallwood, comparison Beal g any last word on Sanders. Maybe you wanna grade. Pick before we take a break in go to our next election. Yes, all give you the grade from bleeding renascent that come first we did a poll as we always do in our articles on BGN and with just over three thousand votes. We have fifty three percent checking in a liked it the Penn State fans baby there represent lot of vans. Thirty five percent of the B. So it's eighty percent. Total beer better. And eight percent. See so people like to pick for me. I have to give it a be just from first glance. There's some things maybe that's generous. I don't know. I really don't know how to feel about this from from my opinion, this is not going to be a popular opinion. And I hate being negative. I'm probably going to give it a C. Just because there were so many other players of Vail lable on my board where the eagles could have gotten contributions from including again, another running back that we mentioned before Durell Henderson who I think is already a better receiver right now than seniors. Obviously Sanders has that ceiling that he could possibly reach as far as being a receiver goes of. I mean Henderson's got that one point four to ten yard split. But the bursted he's got I would have been more. Okay. With him there..

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