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Nearly 25 years and Congress and during his tenure, he served as the House minority leader and the House majority leader before being elected speaker in 2011. Now in his new book on the House, a Washington memoir. This is a colorful reflection on his years of public service and the president's and the politicians that he encountered along the way, both in Washington, D C and on. Numerous golf courses. And now without further ado, allow me to welcome to the Commonwealth Club Speaker John Boehner. Well, Melissa, thank you and good afternoon to you and to all over Tunisia. I'm looking forward to, uh, this discussion today. You know, I, uh, writing books was dying by books, not what I do. But over the years after I retired, I thought, you know, I've been a pretty interesting life. Very interesting career. I think, uh, I think I could write a book to be pretty interesting. And so what? It's not about doing it and finally out finished on, Uh, here we are. That's so well that Melissa fire away Well, so I looked at some of the reviews. Your book's doing very well. It's been reviewed and sort of all the fancy publications and the one that I thought I did. A really good job of sort of summarizing was from the L A times where they wrote Quote Reading. John Boehner's political memoir is probably a lot like just sitting down next to an old timer at the bar where he used to work growing up in Ohio. There's a lot of talk about the way Things used to be. And before you know it, you have had one too many. And you're not sure just how you're going to get home. So it is a very conversational book. Right? It is that was that when you set out to do it really feels like you're sitting with someone. Just telling his stories. Can you talk about your process and what you meant to do here? Well, well, I was attempting to do was one to be me on. You know, I'm known for being camp it Sometimes we have funny. Being straightforward on by one of the book to sound like me. Trust me. It sounds like may be interesting. I brother enough political memoirs and my Life on realized I did not want to write a book by all those other ones that have bred and so I wanted to be. Oh, I wanted it to sound conversational. I really did not want to have to record my audiobook. I was just a lot of work now. I just I'm really don't wanna do it, But my friends and my staff has beat on me to no end. Found. Uh And so it was that was really hard to do, but it's the same thing there. I wanted it to sound like I was having a conversation with the person listening. Don't all worked out. Fine. Thankfully. Yeah. I mean it. Really It really is. It's a very I found myself, you know. Finishing it far too early. I'd set aside a certain amount of time I flew right through because it's just it just moves along so well and a number of her stories sort of take place on golf courses, of course, and especially with a certain former senator Joe Biden. And you, you talk pretty pretty positively about President Biden and about your friendship with him. You talk a little bit about that. And how do you think he's doing as president? Well, listen, Joe Biden did. I have been friends for 30 years? He's a traditional Democrat. I would describe myself as a traditional Republican. But, you know, we're both Roman Catholic broth grew up and kind of the same guys. Circumstances on. I don't know. Well, we seem to understand the trouble. On During the five years of his finger. He was vice president. On. There were a number of times that on behalf the Biden Obama administration, Hey, step in and be the negotiator between the White House and the Congress. So we have two more times that we give stand with each other. But you know, every year or sometimes twice here, there'll be a joint session of Congress where the president would speak. And Joe Biden, This president of the Senate would join me on the diets and we set behind President Obama. So you know, While we're waiting for the festivities to start on the president finally be introduced. We spend ample time upon the diets by ourselves. I think one year I was 2011 or 2012. I was talking to him about the golf game. I played the previous summer right shot. It's not even part. It's got a problem, and I was stolen Joel Bella, and finally my staff came running over. To say it's all alive. And here, the president's might. His microphone was picking up our entire conversation. Thank goodness we were talking about gods, and they feel like that's what you guys were talking about that a lot of other things, but it was. Just go. Well, if it's great that you you talked about what it's like to be the speaker and just sit You have to sit there without Moving a single muscle while the president gives a speech. It's the president tonight on anything I would have done. What have got me in trouble. And so I decided early on. I wasn't I'd see another speaker, sit up there and do things that they shouldn't have done. On got extortion, aided by the press over it, And so I I decided I'm just gonna stare in the back of President Obama's head and not make one facial expression. The only thing that was ever reported about me in the state of the union was that some reporters suggested I looked bored, but weren't you though? A little bit. I want to go the hell are you talking about? I want to do a million things wrong. My writing done a million things, but I didn't do any of them. I just sat there and behave myself. I always wondered what it goes through the mind of the people have to sit there on camera for three and sort of endure the speech you write about President Clinton and Obama and you both sort of and you say about both of them it in different ways that they had run a samad aerate or sort of as a sort of post partisan President, and then you sort of tact left when they got into office. Um, for Bill Clinton. It was with e. You know, the health care? Well, actually, both of them. It was really health care reform. Um, How is is Joe Biden falling into that same pattern? Or do you think he's um He's sticking with what he what he ran on..

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