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Strike out in the fourth. And then in the bottom half of the inning. He got a little breathing room. But Block O near the bag Paul. Fail. Grown knows. It. Looks into the dugout over. Twins now three to one and that lead held up until the eighth inning. That's when the bullpen faltered for the twins over sitting down in again, Andy oh to pitch a fly ball left field in trouble. Eddie resort won't even turn that is way out of here and gone. On eighth inning. Three run Homer from Tasker Hernandez. Toronto has the league five three Blue Jays out the bear Toma. He gets victimized by Hernandez Dorado a rupture a four run eight inning. And they hold on to beat the twins five three the final her hype Lanka with another big day at the play at three hits raised his average four twenty for the twins, pres- solid. He gave up seven hits and two walks while striking out five CJ krone hit another laser shot out of target field. His second home run in his many games. And a big first basement is starting to feel comfortable at the plate. And you're just trying to put it swings on the ball. You can't really control the outcome. Honestly. I thought my first about the the ball right right center was actually one of my better swings of the day. So kind of getting that one in the first inning. I didn't get enough of it. But it was kind of the right bad path. And it allowed me turn that splitter down in a little bit easier. So it's just kind of accumulation of of getting the bats that we've we haven't had an off-day. We actually can play baseball now. Seems like so kind of getting that rhythm the hitters like the game two of the series tonight. Kyle Gibson going up against Aaron Sanchez our coverage. You'll get underway at six six forty. The first pitch here on C yesterday. The start of off season workouts for the Vikings at TCU performance center out in Egan Vikings make news off the field to they signed former Los Angeles Rams quarterback. Sean Manion and ex Denver Broncos wide receiver. Jordan taylor. Menu likely pay Trevor simian who joined the New York Jets as the primary backup. Kirk cousins, Kyle slaughter will also be in the second-string mix menu. As the primary backup to Jared Goff last season Taylor. Played in twenty six games for the Broncos, but was sidelined last year following double up surgery, and it became official yesterday to dealing is just special. Yes, he is our friend. Adam feeling started off as a free agent side a massive extension with the team yesterday got help from his son Asher inking, a new four year deal worth up to seventy three million dollars. Likings also signing a few other folks, Mike max has gone get. I'm more on the purple when he joins daily at seven forty this morning. And how big was Tiger Woods masters win on Sunday for CBS retired to glory. TBS coverage the final round nabbed a seven seven overnight rating. That's according to the network. It was the first time which one of major in eleven years. Of course would victory is also his fifth win at the masters fifteenth. Major title overall the preliminary ratings were down compared to the final round of last year's masters, which nabbed at eight seven rating, even so Sunday's event was the highest rated morning golf broadcast and thirty four years keep that in mind that they moved this into the morning because of those storms, and it was the highest rated broadcast on any network since last year's dancers would be interesting to compare apples to apples there. And to see if in fact that was played in the afternoon when you certainly got more people in the west coast watching whether or not those numbers would have been seven seven is not bad even considering that they played it. Now, they got started four in the morning out on the west coast Nike stock also soared yesterday after his signature red.

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