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A game by humans this is numbers numbers say that guy hits and that's my problem with analytics and that's why would everyone says the word 'war to me as far as the stat i throw a little bit in my mouth you're not a money ball guy to a degree i jedi to a degree but i think alike like most things in the world it's good in small doses if you have you limitations but if it if you try to run a team we nothing but that you're going to fail it's a game played by humans it's not played by numbers is not play by calculators simply vice computers it's a game played by humans and this we see here well my didn't gathering closure the terry francona teach anybody anything rozier sometimes you know when the game he saved in the 6th thinning two men on one out 234 coming up that in a oneroom game that's the save that's the save opportunity so what did terengganu than a jemil the showdown i'm not sure why more managers are following suit i don't get it and i say right now two guys who were cringing watching a game because they were in the building trevor hoffman and mariana where the two guys who have more saves them anyone else who's ever played this game they were there to award the closure of the year awards kayla janssen gotta for the national league and kicked craig kimbrell got it for the american league so rivera hoffman were there and i can only imagine and cringing watching that astro bullpen from in and just disintegrate before our eyes eight five five two one two four cbs kershaw title game five that's pretty good i have a question for you lien's steelers sunday football tyco kershaw game 5 clearly the winner of his game gets a huge leg up in winning the.

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