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Hand off to annex t. But i throw that out there as i think. That's the only scenario was he. Kevin owens winning making sense right and owens could who knows you could end up going to annex t even if he doesn't win the money in the bank yup if wwe opens that line of communication and opens it up to be a two way street more so than they have recently You gotta remember. Too that owens spent a comparatively small amount of time in an t there. He's there long enough to win the championship. Certainly but especially compared to some of the other top stars. We've seen come through an x. T or still be in annexed. He was not there very long. So it's not going to feel like a rehash or Something that's that stale or anything like that. I mean it would still feel fresh for kevin owens to go to annex t and you know coming on this kevin owens on the main roster but you do feel like he's handcuffed a little bit on the main roster and he can't be as entertaining and his all out as he wants to be or he can be and i think to your point. There's a better chance of seeing that. Kevin owens nfc And so i would. I would endorse that idea sure. I- launched the pro wrestling torch newsletter as a teenager in high school in the late eighties. And i've been covering professional wrestling ever since. It's been my fulltime job. Since the day graduated college and i followed every technology along the way and tried to be on the cutting edge in one of them has been podcasting. We were doing podcasts. Before the word podcast was word. They were called audio shows for our subscribers and a cool feature that we produced last. Year are flashback. Saturday night editions of the wade keller hotline. Where every saturday night. we post. Wait till her hotlines all in one file. A week's worth of shows from ten and fifteen years ago. That means you can listen to what i was saying about the news about raw about smackdown about tna about wrestlemainia Hype wrestlemainia fallout controversies. Firings matches and almost happened. Why didn't happen every weekend on saturday night. From ten and fifteen years ago. For instance that april six two thousand six keller hotline had a ton of insider news on the hogan steve austin dynamic at the wwe hall of fame and the prospects of a hogan vs austin match and hopefully came to happening at wrestlemania twenty to what stood in its way and what the prospects were of it happening in the future. Why steve austin said what he said about hogan at the hall of fame during his heart intro and what the backstage interaction was between the two of them. that's just one example of of the fascinating reporting. That was going on likely before you were listening to some of my free podcast here so go. Vip it's one of many many cool benefits that come with membership. Get details at p. W torch dot com slash kgo vip. Let's shift to the demands. Let's shift to the women's match oscar. Naomi nikki ash morgan. Natalia zelina vega alexa bliss is that they've got one more qualifying match one more. That's yet to be an unsafe. Yeah is there. Is there a match. I'm trying to think they're matching announced on smackdown this friday to determinate the only thing is bianca. Bel air versus carmella for the smackdown women's title. Which i could very easily see carmelo. Losing getting put back in oak the money in the classroom. So so what jumps out to you here. In terms of the most likely winners to me it just jumps out either. They're gonna tell a live morgan story because she's got prominent tv time and she has been a big production for her getting in the match. No she is for her to go out sort of unceremoniously or not win. I i should say would seem to just take the wind out of the sales of what they've put considerable time into the past few weeks But they brought zelina vega back. Maybe they want to do something with her to get something out of her quickly. But it seems like nikki and alexa are the most likely to buy a pretty good distance. And then i'd have oscar italian pretty far down. Well the thing that really stands out to me about this matches oscar seems so far and away the biggest pushed and the biggest name in this match and yet she feels not very likely to win interesting. She's been losing on. Tv lately almost like her role really has been moved down to gatekeeper. I just don't think there's a lot to get excited about having oscar win. No just because she's interacted so much since wrestlemainia and even before that with rhea ripley in charlotte flare we've seen matches Some combination of those three over and over and over again. And if you put the briefcase you know with oscar Even though it's not guaranteed that she's going to cash right away. It just feels like you're going back to that oscar rea- charlotte story So even though she is by far. I think the biggest name here in terms of what pushed. They've gotten recently. I don't think that makes her likely to win. again if we're putting money on us i think alexa bliss is who i would go with here I think that her character having the money in the bank briefcase is something that might intrigue. Wwe and how to position her as someone who has the briefcase with all of the theatrics that come along with her You know you have to look at this not not just as who would be the most credible have the briefcase. It's who do you think. W e creative could get the most out of as money in the bank holder when i look at these names. They're not really inspiring based on where they've been lately on television and it could be a situation where you take a lift morgan. Who maybe hasn't gotten the biggest push and you decide to put the money in the bank briefcase with them and then push them from there. You know that's not completely unheard of But i look at this through the lens of who do i think. Wwe would see the most potential in in terms of telling a unique story with the money in the bank briefcase and unless they ditch the the the supernatural aspect of alexa with crowds. Coming back. because i think that is infinitely harder to do with crowds. Not only because you don't have the magic of editing but you also have crowds. That are probably showing gonna show less patience for that sort of character Unless wwe just decided to pull way back on that part of her character. I think she's got a really good chance of winning this all right. Let's let's shift to the reins edge situation and we haven't talked a lot about what's going on on smackdown with roman other than in passing through the lens of other people in possibilities edges return..

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