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Tommy John dot com slash basement anyway. Oh my God. It's scary to me to know that there's so much that goes on in the human body that I have no idea how it works. You'll, you know, it's crazy that you brought this up tasting is so so. It's so funny. I'll tell you talk about like the human body Elmes. This. It's crazy. I bought this up tasting. Oh God. This is getting flagged problems. Yeah. Anyway, I saw this video on YouTube of this guy called a gay God gay God. Okay. Which. He's the God of gay God is like the new Lil. Oh, like little Lucy. Got gay God straits, not a rapper though. He's just as you thought it was a rapper skated he does you too. Yeah. Is a gay dude on YouTube and. The title of the video was like, do vegans tastes better. I'm gonna. I'm gonna cut to the chase here. Do juices into a Cup. You don't see that part. He's just holding it the whole time. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yes. So he's hold on a Cup with his. He goes into detail about how he got it in there. Okay, right. And then he, he just tastes it in front of every in front of everyone in front of everyone. I feel Jisr or another guy does. It was it was his which is way worse. I think if you're drinking Jisr, you gotta taste someone else's Jisr Jesus also, I'm gonna get to something else on a little bit. But anyway. My throat's closing. Can't just. Yeah. No, it's not good. It's so as Cussing. But anyway. Got a Cup of GE's Cupo ges, right? How much we talk in here. I mean, it was just a good amount of just it wasn't like a full. Fuck in Peter north. Yeah, it wasn't anything crazy. Scattered Peter, north water, Balzac. I got shoots ropes. Yeah, guys fucking. I don't know what he's doing in there, but he's hold onto him for months. Isn't it kind of weird that guy's wish that like in back your mind, it's like I wanna bus huge. I know why it's weird. I don't know why it's just like don't jerk off for three days so you could shoot a rope. Well, we're disgusting. This is stuff guys think it's true. I, it's disgusting. Yes, newsflash men are discussing. Yeah, also and we're both very nice men. Women are discussing also because if you watch porn, they also want a giant, they say, giant load on porn. Yeah, I don't know, you know? Yeah, Yeah. we'll get like a bucket full as a little too much. I don't know how we're gonna have to call a cleaning lady to come clean this up. But anyway, this dude has a has a shock, Lhasa judges, and he's tasting it and he's going, oh, it tastes sweet because he's vegan. So I guess he's like, oh, it's sweet compared to other Jesus that I've had right because he's a gay do. So he's tasted Jisr. Yeah. Yeah. So his own just though he was like, oh, it's good..

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