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Rose grant hill penny hardaway and tracy mcgrady i put brandon roy on that right right oh my radio satisfied oh away to know right brandon overtraining always there's brenna word was an all star oh he was a fan dominant where brandon roy put on there how about how about chris bosh that's sad that's really sad prevented from playing because of that well i had a long career up to about wall bill walton would have been so much greater if he had if he had better wheels you a great pro no but i mean he'd be right well but didn't he win he wanted to portland but you know in terms of overall longevity what about y'all ming oh that's the way guy was y'all ming i remember not believing the hype you know just being standard laker fans shack shack shack but when they would go at it it would be a nice battle in kobe did don't go yell ming if people forgot i have never been more overwhelmed by somebody size than standing talking to ya ming yeah it is weird and i've i've interviewed shack like which was crazy right but y'all ming is different seven six because he's huge he's and he's skinny is well but he's he's skinnier than shah he was like amount right but he wasn't manute bol you know he wasn't shaun browley yao ming was significant human being yes big guy i liked that mount crutch mortgage job roles here kawai is on now crutch more right.

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