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Tell me about this fram. You guys were nine and go in seventy three. You had a Monday night football game on the road at Atlanta and norm. Van Brooklyn coaching. The Falcons found a way to beat you guys. he he, he, he did and and and and and that was it we we hit a bad time because also the week before that Cincinnati, which was like the worst team in the AFC. They beat us even more handling. The Falcons beat us. And I think it comes back to the time bit for both games. They're back to back clinched division so early that you know we didn't. We didn't have that that that that same drive, but shows you how narrow the margin is between the bottom, the top famous football. You know last last one fram. It's with with current age new age quarterbacks if people were thinking back to the HBO at Fran Tarkenton Days, they see Russel Wilson play the way Russell runs around he. He's not the tallest in the world, either were you. Both guys had unbelievably good arms. You're in the hall of fame. Maybe he'll be there one day, but with with like the Dallas cowboys back in the seventies giving you started in the early sixties. With Roger Roger the dodger. How many were there a million comparisons with Roger Stop back to to the way you played? Yes and he was A. he was a modern day mobile quarterback. Here's what they call a two quarterback when I came in. I was a free. There was pocket quarterbacks in. If you're any anything different than FAUCI quarterback. You you. You were the wrong shadow. Of the town and I got mimics I got. It took them. Now sixty years. To understand. That the reason, your mobile is not just to run the football I did that. But if you're mobile, you can buy time to give your receivers more time. Throw the ball down the field. That's what Patrick Mahomes does that's what Russell Wilson got? They can run, but what they forget. Is that they they sell the ball when I was Dan Marino Book I've look John United says record. My records have touchdown passes yard game hole. completions stood for seventeen years. The one closest to me was seven years Peyton Manning's record stood for three years, but one Marino broke. My record of those touchdown passes or young. I'm not sure which one. And the writers would would call me Kosh I knew you were scrambler about Saudi. Run or pass. I had no idea that you broke all the passing records. It was a total misunderstanding and so now. You going forward if you're not a two way, quarterback able to throw and able to be mobile, you're not going to be competitive in the national football. Well, one of those quarterbacks and speaking of the cowboys is Dak Prescott. DAX taken in the fourth round in. He's not a runner. Per Se like you or Roger The dodger, Russell Wilson Mike Vick whomever, but but he does have some to way to him up with Dak. Are you a fan of Dak Prescott? I think he's really good player, and I think you'll get get better and he does have the facility to run and the throw. scramblers Roger Starbuck was, but then you go down south south of Dallas I. Think South Aid to Houston. And you and got that kid who came out of Clemson? He is.

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