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A long term investment strategy. And stay the course. Even when it's scary next is traditional. Jobs are often bad investments these days and the last bullet out of this section is diversify your life by developing skills in relationships in multiple areas so let's get into the quotes the first quotas start investing early to create wealth and always live within your means nicholas rape ner then comes david king and he said passed the exams and be a cfa charter holder. That's his advice next vice invest. In what you truly understand this is so porn cease goon pot and the next one comes from jeremy newsom out of canada. Study money if you want more. You must talk about it and think about daily which means read books all in any with the word money in its title next is hold when your investment drop a little hold even when they go up as much as you wish. There's more on the horizon for you always. That's philip christian die. connor next. Come from bob casey. He said the worst investment income source will ever have as an adult is a traditional job. And the last one of this section is find ways to put multiple irons in the fire aka develop skills that are valuable among several industries and develop relationships with colleagues in a variety of industries in professions this is much like the diversification of assets in an investment portfolio however the flip side is reducing risk generally results in lower overall returns since the investments are not overweight in any single industry or portfolio holding. So one must be content with not experience exceptional returns in exchange for reducing risk in life and career choices diets. Bill winterberg okay. The next section is about taking responsibility. Admit your mistakes and learn from them. There's three bullets that i take away from this section. That is be honest about your mistakes. Learn from them but most importantly move on from them next. Bullet is chase your dreams so you never have to regret miss chances..

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