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Very much Nathan it would be the largest rent increase for New York City apartments and about ten years A preliminary vote by the New York City rent guidelines board last night proposed the hike for rent stabilized apartments It proposed a rent increase of two to 4% for one year leases and a four to 6% increase for two year leases A final vote is expected at the end of May Connecticut democratic governor Ned Lamont signed a law and designed to protect people who provide an abortion and are then sued in another state in a Twitter message Lamont says it was a bill He was eager to sign I think you've heard a lot about what's coming out of the Supreme Court and a preliminary ruling that looks like they may be on the edge of a ending a woman's right to choose And ending a roe V wade That's not going to happen in the state of Connecticut not as long as I'm here No politicians are going to get between you and your doctor You make the choice The law is set to take effect on July 1st Meanwhile governor Kathy hochul who says anyone who needs access to care will be welcomed with open arms in New York I want to have this enshrined not just in state law but in our constitution just in case there ever is a situation we lose the house We lose the Senate heaven forbid and I don't believe that will happen Governor huckel told ABC the reality rolling back is just like a punch in the nose U.S. chief justice John Roberts called the league of a draft of the Supreme Court abortion opinion this week Absolutely appalling Roberts told a judicial conference in Atlanta the person responsible would be foolish to think the disclosure will affect the court's handling of the case Some Ukrainian refugees are making a new life in Rochester New York leaving behind their homeland torn apart by the Russian invasion Ghana India says she never wanted to leave There was so nice I never want to go out from my country because I love with the family will be meeting with their host family later today Karen Jean Pierre will replace Jen Psaki as White House press secretary John Pierre is the first black person in openly LGBTQ person to hold the position It is an honor and a privilege to be behind this podium and about a week or so when Jen is ready Psaki leaves on May 13th Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts and more than a 120 countries Michael Barr this is Bloomberg Nathan Thanks Michael Coming up to 6 ten on Wall Street time for the Bloomberg sports update here's John stash hour Thanks Nathan rangers and penguins back at the garden after that marathon three overtime game one like that one the rangers scored first unlike that one they kept the lead Beat Pittsburgh 5 to two 5 different goal scorers Andrew cop off an artemy Panera and pass Ryan strome deflected in Adam Fox out on the power play Chris kreider deflected in the Frank for Toronto's shot and then the third period Panera and vitano scored themselves For Igor says turkey after 79 scenes the other night they had 39 more game three tomorrow night in Pittsburgh Also wins for Florida Dallas and Colorado the mets in Philadelphia and a lot of their fans no doubt turned this game off The Phillies led 7 to nothing 7 one in the 9th inning But here is Marte now Demo good lead at first The pitch swinging a high fly ball left center field Pretty deep It's got some legs back near the wall it's in for a hit Better took it to take the lead Nimmo around third coming home He scores standing Double for Marte 8 to 7 million Holy spikes The mets with a 7 run 9th inning at Citizens Bank park WCBS is 7 runs on 8 hits Marte at two of them They scored four times with two outs third time in mets history They won a game when trailing by 6 in the 9th NBA.

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