Phoenix, Jim Cross, Officer discussed on Arizona's Morning News


Have to paper one size fits all insurance coverage liberty mutual customizes your coverage so you only pay for what you need featured antiterrorist more record heat possible this week expect clouds this morning with clearing this afternoon and a high of one oh one today and sunny and wanna one tomorrow record tying one oh five on Wednesday and a record topping one oh five on Thursday with one hundred three expected Friday on ABC thirteen meteorologist iris MO CO at six so too it is seventy two degrees in Phoenix the technical difficulties there let's get back live to KTR as Jim cross on the scene of that officer involved shooting in Chandler jam yeah jam at the great news here this morning the officer's findings out of the hospital and back is home recovering with his family this all happened about one o'clock this morning the officer was on patrol in the neighborhood I'm looking for a car burglary suspects when he was shot by one of the suspects you may have the breaking of the car this is Donna Yuri street about three blocks east of Arizona Avenue Chandler police say the officer was shot once they are suspect fired about three to four shots after a short foot pursuit a striking the officer in the lower body the only suspect description I have right now white again the man six states all black shorts a white shirt police are hoping that a surveillance camera one of the homes in this area may have caught that suspect on tape why would Chandler jump cross KTAR news well the virus in Arizona another tool in the fight against the spread of coronavirus Sonora quest laboratories is now offering antibody testing to find out if you fought off code nineteen looking.

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