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Big zach. I totally forgot what we do for our way has been on. Maybe we should just start going. Okay pag time get ready everybody. Let's let's do it again. Welcome to mixed bag a holding money bag taste like content. Okay this month. We're doing d. and d. court. We had people submit their cases to and we're going to make some decisions. We are the judge jury and executioner. You will be executed. Sorry that you were wrong. I begged him to do it but we have. We simply have to. We have broad powers to do that. But i think jake is sort of our bela. Yeah the bailiff jake. Jake got the The cases here he's going to bring them up. And then i think we'll vote An even amount of people so this is the worst kind votes sometime. Hi i'm the kind of person who will just ruin it. Just split vote. Who will vote for last and look terrible. We'll have to do roll. Offs democracy is sites are representing. We'll send it to a roll off really good emily's the new york times database trump supporters for op-ed Sweet jake why. Don't you take it away and read our first case. I appreciate that de court is now in session. The honorable judges murphy oxford. Tanner and hurwitz residing introducing the first case the table versus kaley ease. Dm haley rights. Here's a classic. I play a kick ass. Half orc pirate. Who is a druid of the shepherd might be not doing gala wrong. I will have order in this. Courtroom have gotten into many many debates about the spell conjure animals. They state that because the spell description says the. Dm will have a list of possible animals that i do not get to choose which animals to summon and that the dm gets choice. We've made a compromise where i'll roll on a random animal chart but i still firmly believe that nowhere on the wording of the spell. Does it say that the player can't change. What animal to summit. okay. I have some strong. There's lots of conjuring spells if it's fully on the i like. I like the middle ground of rolling. If you're like no. I don't wanna give my players that power i'm going to I'll limit it leave. Let them roll. Because if you can't choose then the d. m. can just be like cool you conjure elemental against this lava. Man i'm sure you want to conjure ice elemental. But guess what i'm gonna say the yukon conjure fire elemental power too much power in the. Yes i think. I think technically the dm is right that you're not supposed to be able to choose. Yes i agree that they are right but but it is kind of. It's not an overly powerful spell. So i do think that the rule of cool should out outweigh that. You're here hero okay. I like setting the precedent of rule of cool. I think the rule of cool should allow. It is a rule of cool clause because technically the dm is right so just merely unbiased judge. I have to side with the dm here. But i do think there can i. I would also say though because like if you're doing like conjure animals right you could have a really super fun like if your own conjure bunch animals. I've got like health potion. I'm going to do it at a high level. I haven't used condron moles. And while i'm saying hypothetically you wanna conjure some kind of like birds flock of birds you can send to health potions to the other people in your party because you've all been separated or something like that. That's a super fund interesting. Move that if you're dm is like cool you conjure you. Conjure burrowing rats are like cool. I guess i mean you can make that work. The rats could create a tunnel and then pour the potions into the tunnel. And then the potions. We'd go underground through the tunnel and then all of the players could slurp it from the ground. I could imagine this. Dm would definitely m seem. Super chill can offer a split jury compromise. Just okay down the middle just a real interest solution to this problem. How about you get to roll. But the player gets to roll with advantage on a random table so you get like two choices narrowed down. Oh i love that is this. Are we coming up with solutions. Are we telling people if they're right or wrong. Because i think i mean i think that like telling people whether they're right or wrong isn't as helpful as maybe coming up with a fund solution. But it's really just like be like i'm so sorry you're guilty and you are sent very summarily executed. Actually it is interesting because they clearly have spoken and they have come up. They landed on rate compromise compromise compromise. But i do think called wells tweet. Tha compromise is really fun to the supreme court will often just kick stuff back down to the lower courts. We don't even have to decide here. We can just be like. That's working no decision. I'm going to say yeah. I'm gonna i'm gonna go ahead make my ruling personally and ever and then everybody else vote. My ruling is that the dm is a knob but is right ruling. Is that yet. Rules were in the d. m. is right but you know that's something that like then i would say let's kick this up to a higher court to actually sort of debate is this or is the judge jury and executioner. Caldwell jake i mean a lot of my contemporaries will argue that you gotta stick to the constitution as it's written but i myself think that is a more fluid document and will always support the rule of cool. I rule in favor of the player. You.

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