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Really hard pressed to lake fit all the way through a football game which is the thing that i did in high school as part of the color guard in the marching band but i cannot tell you what was going on on the field i just i yeldham people yelled and then i went out onto the field during halftime and did my flag routine now i never really got into football hockey m baseball i have both watched with some fervor but football has never been my my spor neither has basketball for that matter but lots of people love often get greet enjoyment from him my best friend is a football fanatic so i hear a lot about it during the season when i am we made that reference in part one to the carlo indian schools football team and i was listing i was doing some research about that because i felt like we should acknowledge it it would be weird not to say something about it since noted has parallels to to these two episodes in so many different ways but i was listening to this explanation about how the football rules at the time differed from the football rules now and it got into this whole thing about the first down line and i was like i'm out i don't a up it's good uh yeah you know where your wallace it's one of those things where i have an almost visceral inability to understand it so many times in my life i have i have read what the first down line is it's just it won't stay in my brain a false directly out the other side took anyway got other stuff in your brain dear blister mail in your brain behind the and it is really great it is from lara laura wrote an email titled aaron burr and a mummified head so of course i have to read that i love everything about and ray we the gate lara says hi tracing holly i just wanted to say thanks forever great podcast recently i enjoyed your feature on theato's rubber allston in a throwback to the episode about her father aaron having grown up in australia i wasn't familiar with their stories and bound their lives extremely interesting so much so i.

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