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I gotta get your opinion on this in a in a alternate universe where both James Milner and Jeddah Shakira are UFC fighters and they face off in the octagon who's coming out, who's coming out with a win. You know. Milner has got the job that looks unbreakable on break, but yeah, but Shaquille the power cube, how you supposed to get any leverage miss in the power cube. I'm gonna go with. I'm gonna go with security. He he's, he's, he's. Yes, he does kind of have security might be like Thors hammer where he just got on top of Milner. There's no, there's no one is capable of moving him, but I'm going to give. I'm going to give it to to Milner. And I think it's his endurance that would it's going to go five rounds. It's a championship bout and he's just going to outlast shaky although pretty good, pretty good stamina himself. But I just feel like Milner, despite being a soccer player for his entire professional career, looks like he already has the cauliflower ears that trademark of a wrestler or or UFC fighter. Anyway, that was where my brain goes during during our games. All right, so you're iron goat award. Very nice. I appreciate that. This one is the best goalie. Save. Excuse me. Best save brought to you by our old friend, Edwin vendor Sar because I just felt like, you know what? We don't talk about enough about him and he's a legend legend. So this is the Edwin van der Sar best save award. And you know, it would imply that it with his awards should in fact Goto a goalkeeper and I was I was kinda looking our Dortmund fron berkey and his save verses done Juma, which was a nice diving says, but I gotta give this love to Red Star Belgrade friend road, which with a goal line, clearance Goldie was completely out of position and to be fair it..

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