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That he was never supposed to be able to recover from john mccain isn't a hero terrible things grilled on women roping women videotape he steve you know steamed right through that even with social concerns of women who you would think would have dropped him like a hot potato but they they don't they realize they have nothing in common with him on many levels but they feel he speaks for ever and karel maybe he went up appointed do but that's wearing off i mean i don't know view senior navies focus groups the most of the people in the focus groups that voted for donald trump they said the same thing almost unanimously they're disappointed that i although it npr of all places regularly checks in with donald trump supporters and many of those people are still in his quarter and i also i think that there is a big and growing group of people who would never look you in the eye and tell you that there trump supporters in fact they might say that they're not but they are lying wizards trump would say and when they go into the polling place a feel that their sticking it to everybody who has it in one way or another our impacted negatively on their lives and that's something that it needs to be taken into account we started on this and i want to come back to it i saw that uh uh the cook county commissioner richard boy can has decided not to challenge toney brick winkle he's going to run for reelection do you think that there is a viable challenger out there and can't you imagine that the beverage association is going to put millions of dollars and do any person who opposes tony break michael i know that because i've interviewed him john fritschi who is another commissioner who voted against the pop tax he is looking to ron um i know why boy can isn't running and it may be a little bit too inside or politics stuff but he was chief of staff to danny davis and he just wants to go to congress so he's waiting for danny dave to retire in my guess is danny davis told them you know don't the congress is a better place for you and that's where you want to.

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