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I'm gonna tell you let's put like this. I'm gonna push you like this. It's worth to disappointment. It's a whole my home. He kept saying and young fire. Fire, but I'm like slim yacht. I when I talked to somebody outside of y'all we already know how you feel about the season finale. I'm like, hey. So what you think about gaming throws. They all say what you said, which I said, it sucks. I'm like, with us the ending of like so do you think like the shows good? Yeah, but I didn't like the end there because of the writers. Series. Have had a great indie. No. That's the fact that until Greg that. I don't know who I told you. It's very difficult to get Yanna. The end of it. He watches watch it. Yeah. Definitely watch that every because not everybody's like some people actually like it. So I was thinking. Since we use a scales as episode. It was eighty twenty. What eighty twenty two people that liked it versus people that didn't like it. Let me say this, and I'm gonna tell you why it was bad. It was bad, because it wasn't ending. Thinking, no, it was so much shit left that we'd never find which left you thinking any me thinking, I don't think about this shit, no more. And that was a dicta- to that shit. I used to watch the cook to people talking about. So let me, let me and I don't know if y'all talked about this already, but it may ask you this, because the show before the season, finale berry by was like, oh my God. I can't wait to the finale of this show before the season finale with fire, John, would you rather? The show ended there. I we done. Oh, what you got. Here's the last show. Game of thrones had so many characters with full stories. And you couldn't tell that story to end enough that story with a centrally what twelve episodes because the last two were six episodes. Yeah, you need it to full seasons. Like Georgia Martin say like H B, O C, you gotta do to full season in a direct to say no, we're going to wrap it up a seven because I was tired. And they didn't want to do the shit. No more. But you didn't answer my question was would you rather to episode before the season? Finale. Still wouldn't have been the only reason I coach our soak hike on the land episode before the season. Finale, it was, like, I can't wait to me. That's what made me want to continue to watch you. I was like, oh, I can't wait for now missing what I'm saying even the season finale was wasn't a finale, because it still shifted, what effect this didn't have it, it was so much that they brought up and they never gave us closure. They never even the season for now. Tell us something seasons ago. Okay. I noticed factor in the end, and then they, but they're going to spend off correct. But he's not going to be about that about that. How, how would you know what is not gonna lead up to because they're already saying this about this, the beginning of the white walkers? Right. But I'm saying how would you know if that's not gonna lead up to what they ended on the season finale, 'cause they said is not because they say what the first spin off is before what we watched. So none of these people in even. Live. They exist you OSHA. All right. Let's get off game with them. It's great. It's got to be you. Super great, but I mean but I didn't get on game of thrones right away either. But we don't talk about game of thrones. But what else we got got a post hitter sees when a man makes money he feels like he wants more women. But when the woman makes more money she feels like she doesn't need them. Is facts. Women the, the more, and I feel like that may be a reason why most will off women are single..

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