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Had to dig deep and to try to figure out you know who the people were who were fighting them what their lives were like and what motivated them mark thousands with this author of way 1968 a turning point in american vietnam war american weren't vietnam let let's let's zero in now on the battle it solves this this way this is this is a ancient capital woods it was a cultural centre of vietnam and was claimed of left out of the war really when that was not going on on there yet it became a focal point during the tet offensive y well because one thing the fact that it had been sort of left out of the fighting partly because it out but cultural significance in vietnam ma'am could it with relatively poorly defended we're not many american or south vietnamese troops there and there were even fewer south vietnamese because it with holidays and so a lot of them every year when their holiday rolled around were given hurler to go home to their family so i think the viet cong in the north vietnamese realized that it was there for the taking so the north vietnamese innovia kong took the city fairly easily in about five or six hours a number of americans were trapped there and then the battle ensued to retake quay by the by the american soldiers in south vietnamese why was it so difficult early on for the soldiers on the ground to get the higherups to realize what had happened i think they're even here's a largely that they could not but we revered karn in the north vietnamese were capable of doing it and even after they had gone air uh very i think resisted the idea that it had happened to him in february two the report from the young field commanders the officer who were actually leading american going to combat at her panic gripped monitored by inexperienced or younger officer who had no real uh had never had any experience with syria combat.

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