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Three the internet is a wild west in terms of scams and spam man fishing in all just about any kind of deception the arisen hull merchandiser sold how meal was sent it so you have to be on the watch out for anything that goes wrong what's been happening now is that merchandise is now been shipped from amazon without any returned address you may be one of the recipients you'd in ordered a product the scam is known as brushing and online sella usually overseas purchases their own products through fake buy your accounts that they've created and normally with accounts that they have gotten from prior purchases the products are shipped to a real address than a cell writes a positive review of the item from the fake buyers account the actual item ship to you in many cases is often jumped merchandise exports says this type of scam has called brushing vendors pay some one to purchase a product and ship to a real address and right positive reviews now positive reviews are like gold people always looking for reviews before they buy a product and many of people now who are doing this brushing f on a new hole in the structure of amazon to be able to put out more fake positive reviews amazon said they investigative report of customer receiving unsolicited packages and will ban all vendors and reviewers who abuse the review system getting something the meal may sound alsiman you may feel like you're getting something for free in the male but the problem is basically a brushing firm somehow got ahold of your name and address compare prices and mimic everything on what an actual customer would do before finding making a purchase from their clients store when deliveries confirm they then leave a positive reviews at an excellent product birth lied by you the scam allows retailers the fake both sales.

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