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In that film we go then to something avantgarde and abstract and absurd and it's based on samuel beckett and a novel he wrote called murphy in the fifties and i read the description of that novella i think it is on wicked pedia and you can actually see where there are some elements are that movie shot ski here allay hilmi shot ski the filmmaker behind gas or did lift out of that otherwise completely different just really took it and went in the direction he wanted to go and really in terms of a plot here we have a character the title character castro who is being chased by four people he's got a girlfriend he has an ex wife the exwife tell me if i'm getting this right josh the x life the wife well yeah there currently mary he seems to be separator or wanting to settle a himself from her she is trying to get him back and she she wants him back as if he's almost shall hostile jane from him exactly so she's trying to get him can't find him and shares these three criminals i suppose to seek them out and track him down one of whom we saw i'm sure an extraordinary stories very familiar face place samuel i'm sure a reference to the beckett source material who really almost does nothing but listen to some recordings and pay a lot of little arcane orders and pay bills and paints his face at one point inexplicably so three guys and the exwife searching for castro who doesn't really want to be found seems to want to completely dissociate himself not just from them but kinda from society and he kinda goes out when he needs to allow the time we see him just hanging out in a closet.

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