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Komo twenty four seven news room the search continues today for two suspects in a hit and run and then a carjacking in ishikawa komos currently johnson with the update this start did with a crash impressed in about eight thirty this morning a van hitting another vehicle the victim driver followed the van when he took off he took the exit westbound ninety at friends street hitting a double dump truck on the exit two men jumped out of the wrecked van and took off on foots one of those men carjacked a red subaru legacy this is state trooper rick johnson there's to object why are we on this subject is armed laughing westbound ninety from that area we are we have airplane up in late so far have been available locate that super super johnson said the other suspect dropped a jacket so they've had a police dog at hoping to be able to track him no injuries reported so far no arrests curling johnson komo news students and professors who didn't feel safe last month till the evergreen state college board of trustees the campus was out of control senior steve kauffman says the schools administration contributed to the rowdy protests there has been a lack of anything that is demonstrable to the community college of the nation as a whole of any action being taken by evergreen except to placate a limited part of a limited side of one's single political spectrum and the college president george bridges says evergreen has neglected its campus police department he asked the chief to do a needs assessment have that done by august the first three people taken into custody two of them face charges after ramming a snohomish county sheriff's deputies patrol car and then leading deputies on a chasing of the bothell ever highway a three patrol cars were damaged in that pursuit one deputy suffered minor injuries sabah just before five o'clock this morning when a deputy checked out a car with three people sleeping inside and discovered they were actually in a stolen vehicle and a canadian girl who went missing more than a year ago could be in the seattle area according to a report from the national centre for missing and exploited children seventeenyearold mchale of bailey disappear from our homelessness cash one on april the twelve of last year she may now be in seattle or portland we have her picture on our website if you'd like to take a look komonews dot com.

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