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DPH confirming 195 new cases this out of more than 30,000 new tests. Seven day average positivity right rate slightly up now to not 70.93% 10. More people have died. 248 people getting treatment in the hospital, 74 of them in the ICU. The state of emergency here in Massachusetts, set to end on June 15th Governor Baker, though, wants to keep some pandemic era policies in place as we hear from WBC's Carl Stevens, there were a lot of changes that came is the result of the pandemic, and a few of them were pretty good. So good that Governor Baker would like to keep them around for a few months after the end of the state of emergency for the Commonwealth, one of them has to do with remote meetings for the past year if you wanted to see your local city Council or select board. In action. You could do that easily at home. Just watch zoom. That's where the public meetings have been. Well. The governor filed legislation that calls on that to continue all summer, another thing that has sprouted up outdoor dining. The governor's bill would give municipalities the power to extend special outdoor dining permits until the end of November, when it gets a little too cold to eat outside anyway. Carl Stevens, WBC Boston's news radio at 6, 36. House speaker, Ron Mariana, walking back a quip that he made earlier today in Boston South End It was there from endorsement event for state. Rep. John Santiago, who is running for mayor. Mariano after he was welcome to the neighborhood by Santiago under his breath, was caught on recording, saying he was afraid his car was going to get stolen. Another mayoral candidate, John Barrow, saying Santiago needs to reject the endorsement. Thank Marianne No needs to apologize to those in the South end. In a statement out tonight, Mariano's saying he regrets the comments, calling them a quote, poorly delivered attempt at humor, saying his car was actually stolen as a college student in the sixties. And if it first you don't succeed. Well, try, try again. We hear that a lot. And that is certainly the man man's motto in Worcester, whose been trying not just for years, but decades to get elected to city government is giving it another go as we hear from WBC's Kim Tunnicliffe takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Bill Coleman. The third just keeps on tickin. The 66 year old is determined to get on the Worcester City Council. He's been running on the ballot since he was 22 years old People do come up to me every once in a while when I least expected Go, Coleman, do you hang in there? Coleman is running again, this time around as an at large council candidate. His love for politics started in the seventies when he worked in Washington as an administrative aide to Senator Ed Brooke in my community in Worcester. I will try to do something where I can inspire people to do more to the great city. If he does win this time around, Bill says he won't stay on the council forever. Wanna be elected long enough to make a bigger impact? WBZ Boston's news radio 6 38, Let's go to Wall Street now see how we did today in Bloomberg business. Here's Andro Day. Ford is expected to announce tomorrow that is developing too dedicated all electric vehicle platforms, one for full size trucks and SUVs. The other four cars and smaller recipes. That's according to Reuters. Wall Street had a challenging day as readings of consumer confidence and new home sales, both for April slipped back. With the measure of US home prices for March, spiking the most in 15 years, further heightening worry that inflation will complicates economic recovery. The Dow lost 82 NASDAQ slipped four S and P 500 Down nine and zero day Bloomberg Business on WBZ Boston's news radio. All right, 6 39 new developments tonight in the criminal investigation against former President Trump and his company with the very latest from New York coming up in 6 45 Keep.

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