FBI, Randy Weaver, Idaho discussed on The Savage Nation


The the thera criminals that hasn't happened yet you're making an enlargement that they'll be confi i said that they have charges again okay okay but here you have the fbi and that was one of the things that is devoted to the fbi saying we didn't have anything to do if i'm the and that it comes out on after third trial that the government withheld evidence that the fbi had sniper teams on the bumpy ranch 'cause they're actually was there is actually was a significant amount of of different kinds of evidence that the prosecution had withheld and you're not going to hear me defending the prosecution let me be clear about that book the here's the thing is there is a powder and going on okay who killed randy weaver's wife up in northern idaho an fbi sniper okay yeah they're you know after so many times that you see this stuff going on especially when the fbi at first the nine days everything and then it comes out later well yeah we had sniper teams there uh i mean this is supposedly the premier government agency in the us and it repeatedly does this kind of stuff and i take the you're expressing abroad us for the fbi and i and i presume that also reaches up too so what's happening in the trump investigation and all the rest well did you know after so many times do you kinda guy that say that maybe the whole claes has an issue so what would you give her and this this thing is somebody got killed because of it over and oregon suggests.

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