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I'm an ass man. Yes, sir. Yeah, just you are. What do we know that S o. We got more on Kyrie coming up in a few minutes. But clearly after the news last night, with the Jets, hiring Robert Sala and and potentially, according to Adam Schefter, they're going to try to make things work. With Sam Darnell's So I went from all kinds of excited last night, too. Now, really, we're going to try to make it work again with Sam Donald with the third head coach and the third offensive coordinator, Sandra, I really rise. NFL quarterbacks are going. I wish I had the kind of chances, said Josh Rosen is going if I just had one Maura the chances one of Sam Donald's four chances to really get it done. I don't get it. I really don't get it because I see what I see. And the guy would have been better if we would have shown more flashes off something. If he was going to be a good quarterback. The guy had 4 200 yard games this year. Why didn't misspeak and say 300? No. He had 4 200 yard games. He didn't have 1 300 yard game, even if you're bad, even if you're terrible, and you're losing games by 30 points, you're still a couple of times throwing for 300 yards because you're throwing the football a lot because you're at least having some kind of success. And in defeat. Well, Sam Donald was was one touchdown and three fixed, but he threw for 340 yards. The Jets lost 38 to 21, but they didn't get that. I mean, when the Jets are behind and other too Teams were playing really soft defense of Sam. Donald couldn't put points on the board. You don't understand. I don't want to be fair. You You didn't have a single guy that was worth his weight in salt. Doesn't matter. Even the worst quarterbacks Mike still were able to put points on the board, even with no with with no, which still blaming your coach More than anything, it's that well, look, he was terrible, and that's absolutely 100% absolutely awful. And I'm not saying they would have won more games. But Donald would have had a few more He wouldn't know. Rated passer in. The NFL is trying to move the team a little bit, but he couldn't I still don't know that he sees what he should see downfield. He still misses open wide receivers and whether it's Adam gaze to Robert Soller. Whoever is the head coach. I don't know that that's going to be fixed. I really do. I mean, to hear the Jets that you were gonna make it work with Sam Donald. I get their philosophy of We still think Sam can be good and we have a lot of picks. We have a lot of money to make everything better around him. Okay, Great. But if he sucks, it's still going to be a sucky year. You're going to go. We just wasted a year been spending all the money for these guys and bringing them in. And Sam Donald's gonna suck again. And now we're gonna be back to back to the drawing board. Next going. Okay. Now we got to get a new quarterback. Or is it gonna be year? Two in in the in the new offense and Michael, Florida? I really I I went, I'm all excited about Robert Solid, and I think about them saying Yeah, we're gonna make it work with Sam and I go Really? How much more do you to see the guy? I mean, really, I I don't get it. I don't get it. Remember, a lot of this is going to be I'm the new guy. I'm just overtaking the office and I'm going to say all nice things of guys that are on the roster. Right now. Okay, That evaluation process is to come right. We're months away from the draft and as we've talked about, I mean, you're talking no fewer. That's not even including two Shawn Watson. You've got somewhere in the vicinity of 15 to 18 quarterbacks that they're going to change teams. Sure, Some of them are more backup veteran, you know, in case of emergency kind of rolls. Legitimately. You've got half a league's worth of quarterbacks, not including the rookies that are coming in that you're gonna evaluate and potentially move on to so for for Sala, and for Doug, Listen, all these guys right now you have to kiss Sam's ass because he's still the guy on a soon as he's not. He's not. You'll know it. Because you'll see it on the wire. I already I already know it, buddy. I've seen him play long enough, right? I know. I know. I know. Miami man. He could move on from two after one year. They're already like, Hey, you know what we could we could make some moves. Hey, hey, does Shawn Watson if we can get him there, already ready to meet the players already don't like him is a quarterback and it's getting and I just throw this out. For the players that were all the anonymous guys, you know, Put your name on it. You know the old blind the old adage here. You don't like him. Don't don't back, Stab the guy. Just put them off to his face by putting it on your Twitter account. And now he's like, Yeah, I don't like him. What do you like about him? Yell at people. He's not Fitzpatrick, who at this point has no conscience and was willing to try to throw the ball into tight spots, no matter what the down distance their situation that comes with being 37 years old and knowing that your career is pretty much done. That's what you get. I'll tell you, buddy. Here's Here's the on Lee thing That would make me happy and make me think. Okay. If you're really going to go this way, all right, I get it. Here's the on Lee thing. And and this is, if The Jets say all right, we're not going to hand it to him. We're gonna make him battle out in training camp with somebody who potentially could take the job from him. Because look, there's a lot of quarterbacks. We talked about all the good quarterbacks to be out there. T this season to show on Watson is available. Matthew Stafford's available to a ton of my lower is most likely available. Other quarterbacks are gonna be available. Jamis Winston will be available. Jimmy Garoppolo will be available Marcus Mario to so, but there's different levels of guys. Now, think about it..

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