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They think as a puppet master and shepherd, the puppet, it's a real this time, the bullies. Learn that Dave shepherd recently had a financial windfall. Dad had money out of the blue. He did never have money. We how do you have money? He said I'm doing some work for Mike and he paid me early with the hotline tip for Reynolds linking shepherd to Sunday's burger. And with the recent evidence that Dickson made a payment to shepherd Zach Johnson's investigation kicks high gear. And so we move on to arrest warrants who do you bring in first we went and we brought in David I. And he goes I want my turn. Dr Dixon comes in. And of course, he's manner than a hornet rested to fifteen in the morning. Arrests. Correct. And this is probably you're only for tune ity to tell me what happened. How attorney shepherd in Dixon are both arrested and each is held on ten million dollars. Either one of them talks until the investigators offer shepherded deal for three months. He stay silent. Finally, they say to shepherd if you confess to this murder, and you do it on tape we intern. We'll take the death penalty off the table was real important for us in the Sonya family to figure out what happened. And so it answered a lot of questions for a lot of people. Eight. What he tells us is pretty chilling because it's very cold. This whole thing was like this stair step. We knew where it stop stopped with the Merv, but it had been building for months relationship how it involves two or three years ago..

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