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Am i gonna lose followers because of this yada yada yada we all go through these doubts myself included and i'm sure shelby has as well but we all get past that of just being like. Hey i wanna put this shit out. Because i like it and i feel that some people can extract some value out of it and because of that for all the people who don't put stuff out because they ultimately determined that they aren't comfortable with putting themselves out there like that those people who want to do it but are uncomfortable then become your biggest supporters because they then live vicariously through the creators shelby. An i who were putting stuff out here so because of that just becomes this wheel of support and love and kind words in. I've noticed that. On the podcast way more people and watch and follow the show and i get great comments from people that i never expected in. My wildest dreams and shelby is a good following on instagram as well. There's a lot of engagement coming from the you know the bookstore graham community that until today i didn't know existence so social media can be a violent place that narrative certainly is true but you can also find really powerful communities and you can connect with people in ways that we just never have been able to before as humans so you got to find the right communities online because it can really be supportive place that lets people up rather than tears them down. So that's a big takeaway of mind from this episode. If you want to go follow shelby. Shelby lamb on instagram or at shelves books to graham. If you have a nose in the show notes of each episode. I put links to all these things. Were hyperlinked whether it's youtube videos. Social media accounts how to review the show had a subscribe to the show and all that good stuff all the links are in the show notes and today will have links to the recommended. Books If you are so keen on checking those outs but until then guys have a great weekend do shit. You love get outside. Have a cup of coffee with someone on my behalf. I'm craving to do that for now. Which is mushroom coffee so every weekend seriously get outside. Do she love. Go on some adventures. Like shelby has take some cool picks. Get away from it. All and then come right back here next week for more podcasts. More blogs all that good stuff love y'all have..

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