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Harper's of a maryclaire in april and drew barrymore on the cover of good housekeeping in may now is that all the same photoshoot with different on three separate photo shoots three separate teams going the caliph of that's the old way that's what you have detailed way you know in accessing a shame on us you know um when we can clearly find a photographer with different styles who could it produced all three so is that go is that happening now are you say you are now going to produce three different versions of this voters should we're going to run on three different magazines with the same person or an example if not so much to cover but we'll shoot drew barrymore for the cover of maryclaire in maybe we'll shoot drew barrymore in her kitchen for uh el to core an example of a we identify g knows this by the way red her team knows didn't she liked it obviously they right they have to fully can rent and they like it as well because they it's more efficient from their time but we uh about a year ago shot alec baldwin's home in east hampton and we shot his home for elle to core we shot we did a delicious which is one of our great uh to the stockholm one of our great stars are folio we shot cooking videos with leiria his wife liri right and then shot her closet for harper's bazaar one day three different types of content produced and that becomes the skills of the modern editor that they can imagine different uses of that content across multiple brands and utterly multiple causes a commonsense idea to anyone who hasn't spent time in magazines wisden's spent on magazines until recently right but if you spread time magazine's decades previous specially at a place like hirst also conde magazine editors run their own fiefdoms um and the idea of saying to the editor of any whenever titles that you are going to share resources of somebody else make it make it happen be a nonstarter so how do you convince them otherwise well oil helpfully they'll have read the newspaper or recode and they realized the world is changing in that you know we have to evolve what we do and how we do.

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