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Yeah so I'm a diary all day well that's no one else the molasses of the back yeah the back room yeah it would be nice is if they hear a story about molasses well that's good news Chris because I have just the story for you well that's good because we are the history boys yeah I'm Chris Tyler Tyler is here and and Duke Duke yeah I guess I could be do canal Duke Duke Sanchez I am very Nash and courses on audio VS via satellite in this remote bunker several stories underneath the crest of the the United States that's nice yeah from molasses from well meaning once if it did happen to get more US is down there you're not getting it out now yeah I'm gonna pull that stuff he just got it your band in the bunker yeah exactly I find a new bunker sweet sticky grave luckily we built that separate molasses tunnel friend escape out of it in the case of molasses pours down into the bunker we got a new grave sign form and everything this is in case of molasses leave here yeah and I didn't even know about the the molasses flood of the time I barely know anything about it now good as I didn't do the research I know tell a story about molasses I'm good I'm I'm glad I'm glad you wanna hear now well you know not many people are familiar with the great Boston molasses flood of nineteen nineteen the the fatally tragic events that happened one hundred years ago every time you know I learned the more I learn about this the more I'm like they they it's like they're like we're trying to tell you it's tragic it's not hilarious it does it's not something that was like made up for like an old timey cartoons research I heard that one of its nicknames is legitimately the great molasses occurs are you kidding me great Boston molasses occur of nineteen ninety that's its primary source they did not call the molasses occurred because the molasses I would if I was I think twenty twenty what is it hundred seventeen people injured twenty one dead that's some Lasker if you ask me something I did not explosions citations bada Bing all right I'm gonna check those it was not in dark tide which is a fantastic book it was in the Boston molasses disaster because of the molasses tank explosion oil or where by Erik Henriksen there you go not not primaries really research in this episode I think worth shout now anyway yeah this is a giant tank that stored a lot of molasses basically burst in Boston's north end neighborhood on January fifteenth nineteen nineteen and destroyed will completely destroyed the neighborhood yeah it's I I literally think at the time they said there goes the neighborhood and then into an act and I just need a little back and back then they they everyone talks with like the old I mean what there goes my molasses more yeah wow is all right a raspberries mostly boys drowned in last who's going to run the factory when I get too old just to give a little bit of perspective and how big the the molasses tank what we're going to talk about every night there yet we're not there yet first I want to talk about too much how much research and how flexible tend to be more like me no research I feel like there's a happy middle a couple of things about molasses before we get to the actual thank you are here we can hopefully molasses is a non Newtonian substance meaning that force has to be applied to it in order for it to move like it's not water like it doesn't just run everywhere it's like toothpaste catch up like you have to like hit the bottle for the ketchup kinda Scott city yeah yeah Amos Lee high viscosity yes indeed so considering this a physical property molasses would be far more deadly than just a giant wave of water and swimming and it is impossible now with that attitude if it was a non Euclidean liquid that would be well that would be even worse that was pretty cool so not only is molasses used for like syrups and sweeteners it is used for burgers and barbecue sauce and munitions well well I mean well it's main thing that people used to four was distilling it down into alcohol and they'll call instead of Makin run out of it they would make munitions or fuel and in this case that's what they're doing they were they were just doing it down and and make using it from munitions symbol and a couple other things is it is a diabetic sweetener you can added two things if you are diabetic and it won in fact at one affect your insulin level true it's a hundred percent true and so that is amazing high in potassium and I think it's high in something else probably deliciousness and sweet it is not delicious I mean discuss what about like molasses does your opinion gross and also I mean you had some tomatoes to it Werner sauce that's all I care I mean parting greeting you saw sign that's what we're talking about.

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